Monday, August 8, 2016

God Bless Grace

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a GREAT weekend! We enjoyed so much time together! 

The weekend started out right with some SuzyQ donuts for a birthday celebration at the office! Yum! 

Sam is a little bit obsessed with different hats right now. Between his construction worker hat and his new helmet, his head is always covered! But I LOVE his new helmet and I'm glad he does too. I think my parents think it's a little wild (Hi Mom!) but I love the little Mohawk! He looks like the character from the old Dinosaur show! 

All week at daycare they have had their own Olympics! Different games and activities. On Friday Sam came home with his own gold medal! He was pretty proud of it! 

Friday night I went to a book club meeting where we discussed The Kitchen House! I LOVED this book and would highly recommend it! I love a good historical fiction novel! 

Saturday morning the boys and I headed out to the city. I had a haircut for 9 AM. I was not so happy with my latest hairstyle and wanted a fix. 

The boys walked around, looked for new hats and played while I got my hair done. It only took 30 minutes to get a wash, cut and blow dry! 

But since I was done so early I asked for an extra 30 minutes of Mommy time to do a little shopping. I found a new dress and 2 shirts on summer clearance. And I love my haircut! It's shorter then I originally wanted to go but it feels WAY healthier!  

We had a quick stop at Canadian tire to buy Sam a life jacket. We made the mistake of going by the bike section. Sam is VERY obsessed with bikes right now and is on his trike literally every day! Well he spotted this little bike with training wheels and I knew we were in trouble. Ryan and I discussed it and finally decided to pick this bike up. It was on clearance for 50% off and figured we'll let him use it this summer (he can't quite get the pedaling thing down so just sits on it! ha ha!) and then re-give it to him for his birthday in April. 

We got home for nap and relaxed. Then packed up the car to head to see Amanda and Josh at their family cottage! It was Sam's first time on a boat since last summer and he LOVED it! Kept smiling and looking around. He loved going fast and getting splashed with water. 

Ryan got on the tube as well and Sam loved when he flipped off! Ha ha! 

We had snacks, played in the water, Josh went water skiing and then we set up Sam's playpen so he could go down to sleep. He was a little out of sorts but after fussing for about 5 minutes he zonked out from the adventurous afternoon. While he slept, we had a few drinks, at a delicious BBQ steak supper, played Sequence and visited! I really hate getting a babysitter on weekends because I really miss Sam during the week. So the fact we can have fun as a family with friends is awesome! It's kind of best of both worlds. Time with Sam and then also adult time! Thanks Amanda and Josh for a awesome afternoon/evening! 

Sunday morning we all slept in! It felt weird to sleep past 5 AM! ha ha! But we got up and got ready and headed out to a special dedication for baby Grace! Of course, Sam had to wear a helmet! ha ha! 

Sunny Sunday morning! :) 

It was a great service and it brought me so much joy to see my brother, Holly and all 4 kiddos up there! I always feel so blessed that we are so close and that I can watch them grow everyday! 

Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him"


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  1. So glad that Laird got to dedicate Grace. Love your hair!