Friday, August 12, 2016

A Few Things On Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I woke up at 3:30 to the sound of my alarm and a HUGE rain coming down. Listening to the sound of rain on the roof is one of the things at the top of my "favorite things ever" list! It didn't last long but I am sure we will get a few more down pours like that today! 

Today is our company golf tournament! This year more then ever, the guys (and girls) deserve a little break! I heard on the radio yesterday that since Canada Day, there has been 18 days of above 30 degree weather! That is a lot of hot days but can you only imagine doing physical labor in that kind of weather? Lifting 25 pounds over and over (sod). Or loading and unloading equipment or supplies. Walking again in order to get the irrigation properly working. Not to mention there has been some work changes this year as we have geared ourselves up to be competitive in the construction market. Everyone has taken this summer in strides! And today is a day to relax and have some fun with co-workers! 

Just this passed week, we had an irrigation collision! Two of our irrigation pivots collided causing a jumbled mess of aluminum.  But the crew sprung into action and by that evening they were upright and pumping out water! Just one of the random things that could happen on day-to-day farm life! 

I am amazed at our little garden! It did so well this year! My tomato plants are ridiculous! They are huge! I have so many green tomatoes and I can't wait to see them ripen up! If I have the time, my hopes is to go ahead and make them into a tomato sauce to use for pizza sauce, pasta sauce and lasagna. 

From this...

To this...

We are also growing a giant pumpkin this year. Our hopes are that it will be big enough to put in at our local Fair! We know that it won't be a first place pumpkin but maybe third? Sam loves going and checking on it. He calls it "Tams BIG unkin". 

Speaking of Sam, he found one of his Christmas books in the spare bedroom (soon to be his new room) and has insisted that we read it every night! And during supper now he talks about "Ho Ho" and his reindeer. This book is incredibly long and I won't lie, I usually skip ahead a few pages at a time. Thankfully, Sam has no idea at this point and he doesn't care. As long as we read the second last page about the reindeer eating carrots, he always remembers that is in the book! 

Oh newborn snuggles! You get me every time! Is there anything else as sweet as newborn cuddles? It ALMOST makes you forget that those cute little baby snuggles turn into tantrum toddlers! Tricky little things! 

This week (and next week too) our usual daycare has been closed for her WELL DESERVED summer holiday! Being that we already had booked our family vacation for September, we had to come up with an alternate plan for when we were at work. We opted for a student babysitter as she would get dropped off at our house and I could get a little break from my usual driving. It has been wonderful! And she has done so well! When planning for this last week, I had to remember to have some extra breakfast and lunch options ready for them. Then it brought back memories of being a teenager babysitting in the summer and having the HARDEST time coming up with food ideas for two hungry boys. So I wanted to make it easy for our babysitter by setting everything out for them for all the meals and Sam's snacks. I also stocked the fridge with chips and treats just for her to enjoy while he is napping! It has gone really well but I'm sure look A LITTLE crazy with all of the food labels in the fridge every morning! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend! 


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  1. Must be family trait to be organized. I like how you leave snacks for her, that was my thing when I was babysitting, I loved seeing what kind of snacks they had but felt guilty eating them.
    The rain is nice but lets hope it doesn't dampen the golf day!
    Have a good weekend.