Friday, August 26, 2016

Freezer Corn

Happy FRIDAY! WOO HOO! This week kind of felt long. It has mostly been just Sam and I every night as Ryan has had something on EVERY evening this week. I am ready for some adult conversation! 

It's not only a busy time of year here at the Turf farm but also busy with stuff at home. We are in the final stretch for the garden. I have about 9 jars of pickles, tomatoes are going in the freezer every other day and corn is all in the freezer! We are getting stocked up! 

One vegetable we all like in our house is corn! We probably have some every week. And nothing is better then fresh corn on the cob! We like to get some from our local friends and neighbors (Hi Manda!). I got a kernel cutter last year and decided to try and get some corn in the freezer. I only did about 15 bags but we REALLY enjoyed having the taste of fresh corn on hand. 

This year, I decided to double the amount in the freezer! Rather then doing one BIG batch, I did 3-4 dozen a week. Here is how I get the corn ready! 

It takes a lot of work to shuck the corn. So I put the boys in charge of that! Or, I'll sit out on my rocking chair doing it while Sam plays away. It is very relaxing and because I'm outside, I don't mind the mess. 

I get my largest pot and get some water boiling. When it comes to a rolling boil, I drop in 5-7 cobs of corn. I let them cook for 5 minutes. 

I immediately place those half-cooked cobs into a bowl of ice cold water! And let them sit there until they are completely cool. While I am waiting for them to cool, I put more cobs in the boiling water. 

I take the cool cobs, and run my kernel cutter over all of the cob removing the corn. This takes some practice. Not too shallow a cut or too deep. I use this kernel cutter from Pampered chef and it is very sharp but very easy to use! 

I've seen some tutorials about using a bundt pan and electric knife. I tried that but I found the pan too shallow and it made a mess. Instead, I like to use a deep bowl. And the electric knife is too heavy for doing this much! 

I usually put 1.5 cups of corn per baggie! 

**Note the Palm Bay in the background, never necessary tool in this process**

Remove all the air and I flatten the bags for the freezer. This way they take up WAY less room! I got 11 bags out of 3 dozen cobs of corn. 

When I need to use one I just take it out of the freezer, put it in a pot, fill with warm water until corn is just covered and boil for 1 minute. Remove water and serve! 

It is a super easy and inexpensive way to get fresh summer tasting corn all year long! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


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  1. We usually make freezer corn too, but we didn't this year :(
    I did just buy a corn cutter too - amazing since I hate eating corn off the cob!!
    The only thing we did make this year was zucchini bread haha