Friday, August 19, 2016

Let's Just See What Tomorrow Brings...

Happy Friday everyone! I am a little slower then usual today but as you can imagine, it was a late (early morning?) night last night!

Last night was AMAZING! I was so excited and the show was just as awesome as I was hoping!

Jill and I left work early to beat the crowds. Not to mention it was hard to stay focused in the afternoon knowing the time was getting closer to concert time!

Our first stop was supper at our favorite restaurant, Montana's! We had our usual but sipping on that pickled Caesar was starting the night off perfectly!

We had a little time to kill and traffic wasn't look too bad so we browsed around Chapters and grabbed some Starbucks! We saw this book and thought it was hilarious that the author of this romance was the same as this silly co-worker. 

We got to the CTC place in lots of time and after Jill almost got ran over a car, we looked at some merchandise and just strolled around. We found our seats and I think where we sat was awesome! In perfect view of the stage! 

It was still about 1.5 hours until show time so we walked around, met with some people we knew and then finally grabbed a couple beer to head back to our seats to wait until the show started! 

Gord came out in full swing with some classics to get everyone in the mood before bringing in some newer music. The place was so electric! I never sat down once the whole show! Everyone was singing, swaying and having the time of their lives. An amazing TWO encores ended the evening and a tearful good bye and thank you! 

It was the perfect last Ottawa show! Perfect! I'll admit I got choked up during Wheat Kings! It was magical. A life moment with the perfect theme song. Every time I hear Wheat Kings in the future I will be brought back to that night, that moment. 

“Done and done

Night accomplished
If I had a wish
I’d wish for more of this”


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