Monday, August 15, 2016

Wet Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! It was a GLORIOUS rainy weekend here. I know most would moan at a rainy summer weekend but not me! We were in desperate need of a good rainfall. We are having a drought filled summer season. 

The weekend started out right with a Caesar with lunch. While I normally don't drink at the office, it was golf tournament day! The men had taken off on a bus for an afternoon of fun and a few of us girls were keeping things going. So, I figured we needed a treat too! 

That evening we had a quiet night at home. Fast supper, bed, and then snacks and movie night with Jill. We watched The Mocking Jay part 2. How we had forgotten and never seen this one is crazy! 

Saturday morning I woke to the sweet sound of rain! Ryan had left Friday not only for the golf tournament but for a getaway as well to a camp. So, I got up early and enjoyed some peace before Sam woke up! 

I knew we were going to have a day inside so we relaxed in our PJ's for a long time. I had been really missing my boy this week and there is always something special about just having a weekend for the two of us. I love this undivided time. I said "Yes" to a lot more things then normal. We had a blast! One GREAT thing I did was take this old desk and use it for Sam's meals. Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast! OH and a second cup of coffee for me! 

The best part of a rainy day is all the inside is all the stuff I can get done. I had a few area's of my home that were in serious need of cleaning and organizing. Bathroom drawers, pantry and baby clothes! Honestly, there is something SO rewarding with having these spaces in perfect order again! 

Sam actually didn't have a great nap on Saturday so when he woke up we packed up, picked up Jill and headed to Green Lake for our Canada Day Committee Party. It's rewarding to sit back with other committee members and celebrate another successful year! 

Sam was a little party animal! He had Frito's and Pepsi for supper, participated in his first "shooter", danced with Funny Mark and played with his own blow up friend! 

These are obviously not all mine! That lone Palm Bay? That's mine! 

We left after 8 PM and after all the partying I suspected Sam would fall asleep on the way home! But he was a singing and chatting machine and looked like this when we got home....

But he fell asleep right away and then slept in until 8:30 the next morning! 

The rain had stopped so after breakfast we went outside! We also went to check the seeding in the fields! It's always exciting when you see that little peach fuzz of germination! 

We also went and grabbed our buddy Everett for a play date! The boys love hanging out together and it is fun for me to watch them play! The are really into the same things yet their personalities are so different! 

It was a busy morning but I think both boys were tuckered out. Ev went home and Sam went down HARD for his nap. Just so much partying in one weekend! Ha ha! While Sam napped I got things ready for the week. 2 loaves of bread, cookies, suppers and dill pickles made. 

Ryan had been home but gone again to work. So it was just Sam and I for supper. We had carrot sticks, french fries and homemade hamburgers! One of his favorite meals! I think Sam may be going through a growth spurt. He has been eating crazy amounts of food again. Every meal is devoured and he has been sleeping ( and sleeping in) like a champ! 

Before bath and bed, Sam and I snuggled and watched The Wiggles. He was using my face as a times! ha ha! 

When Sam was in bed, I cleaned up and then settled down with a cup of tea and watched The Fear of 13 on Netflix! Such a cool documentary! Highly recommended! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. What a jam packed weekend! I bet it was Brenda that gave Sam his shooter. I am still a shooter virgin, lol.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I bet you guys enjoyed the rain!! We didn't get much here, but rumour has it that it is coming tomorrow!!

  3. The perfect weekend...rainy ones are good ones sometimes!

  4. It was such a fun weekend. Loved getting to spend some time with Sam! I needed a Sam weekend :) The pic of him in the car once you got home from the party is priceless. He was such a good little party animal!