Friday, November 29, 2013

Nursery Inspiration


Happy Friday everyone and happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my friends who are south of the border! Today is a happy day, the last work day of November…seems crazy to think that the year is almost done.

Today marks 21 weeks of pregnancy for Ryan and I. Being over half way done makes my brain start thinking of nursery plans. I keep reminding Ryan that we really have to get on this project. It’s doubtful that much will get done before Christmas but we will be in our third trimester by the end January and we need to get on it.

Even though we really haven’t started anything on the nursery, does not mean that I have not started planning it in my head. The plans all started years ago when we were renovating our home. The tiny room right near our bedroom is bare and I did not want to touch it until it was time to decorate it as a nursery. It was just one room I wanted to save until the time came.

I inherited an antique kitchen cabinet years ago. It is kind of a bulky piece of furniture and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. After much thinking I decided it might make a good change table. There is a large flat service to change the baby on and lots of storage, which is very important considering this small room does not have a closet!

Kind of looks like this…

The next important piece is the crib. I have never been a fan of the large cribs that change into multiple size beds. I wanted something more traditional (to go with the cabinet), gender neutral and not too expensive. I decided on white because trying to match wood tones from the cabinet would be impossible! It was also important to me that I had access to underneath the crib. Again, the nursery is very small and has no closet so I wanted to be able to use underneath the crib for extra storage!


I love this crib from Target because it is all of the things we (ok, actually just me) want. Plus, the inexpensive price tag is very nice too! 

I mentioned before that I have a canvas print that I had to wait to arrive so that I can match the colors. Originally I thought I’d be painting the walls grey but after looking at the painting I realized a more teal/grey would go better.

Last on the important nursery furniture list is a glider. Since I am planning on breastfeeding, a comfy chair is pretty important. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional glider chairs. Instead, I wanted a glider that could possibly be used in the house after baby (ies) were grown. The only problem, the non-traditional chairs are SO expensive. Thankfully while looking at Target online I came across this beauty. The dark grey color is exactly what I am looking for and the style does not scream “nursery”. The best part, being from Target, it will not break the bank.

Since I have the basics covered, I am now just playing around with accessories and fillers. And here are some pictures I love that I am using as inspiration…

Baby G's Elegant Gender Neutral Nursery My Room - LOVE the colors in this room!.

It is so fun now that we are farther along in the pregnancy to get to plan the nursery. It really is the last room in our house that needs to be finished. I have purposely waited years and put off doing anything with this space. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the day is here and I get to start envisioning how the room will come together. It has to be one of the most fun rooms to plan but also one of the most stressful. As the pregnancy gets further along and the nesting instinct kicks in, I feel as though it is “crunch time” and I just want to get it done! Ryan better pick up his paint brush soon! Smile 

Happy Friday!



  1. Love the stuff you have picked out . I love that chair . I can't wait for Baby W to arrive in April.

  2. Is that the graco Sarah crib? If so it's what we ended up buying!! We still need to find a chair!! Can't wait to see what you end up picking!!

  3. white is nice and clean looking and i like the colors of grey and teal - very neutral and not the traditional yellow and mint LOL

  4. all cute ideas! what is a glider? does it rock?

  5. Congratulations on making it passed the half way mark!! I'm loving the crib inspiration!

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