Friday, January 31, 2014

Things I’ve learnt In Second Trimester


Happy Friday everyone! Today marks 30 weeks pregnant! Although 28 weeks is considered “third trimester”,  it was this milestone of 30 weeks that I have been looking forward to! To me, there is just something about 30 weeks that screams: “it’s the final countdown!”

I’ve come to learn some interesting things while pregnant. Things that you don’t expect to happen! I shared with you all my experience from the 1st trimester and I thought I would fill you in on the 2nd as well!

1. You suddenly become disabled…except you never got the memo! It’s as if as soon as you start to look pregnant people realize that you shouldn’t do anything anymore! It’s kind of an old school thought and I agree, don’t push yourself too hard but for the most part guess what…I’m Not Useless (my brother would totally disagree..haha!)!

Somehow it’s ok to lift up my almost 3 year old nephew but a seed bag is off limits!

My poor concerned father almost dies of a heart attack every time I tell him a physical activity I am participating in. Zumba? I’m going to bounce the baby out! Curling? Clearly I’m going to fall on the ice and kill my child. He has actually been heard saying, “you need to spend this time being sedentary! Now is not that time to move”!

Ryan forgot to put the garbage container to end of the road one morning. It was snowing very lightly. I went to go do it myself and my mother pretty much body checked me and ran out the door. The garbage container is on wheels….

My husband REFUSED to paint the baby’s room or bathroom while I was in the house. He was sure the fumes would cause our child to come out with 3 ears.

2. The second trimester is when people who don’t really know you, start to take notice of your growing belly! One particular Sunday I was 21 weeks pregnant and a woman at church asked, “Do you really think you’ll make it all the way to your due date?”

I was kind of shocked but then laughed! Well I SURE HOPE SO considering I have 19 weeks left! Dude, if you think I am big now wait till March!

3. You can feel very lonely. Pity party..table of one please?

I am never alone. This baby is always with me. Not just physically but mentally as well! You can’t help but have your thoughts revolve around baby. You begin to think of something else and baby gives you a kick to remind you it is all about “it”. But you know no body really wants to hear about baby 24/7 so you keep your mouth shut! It’s safer that way! So your inner baby thoughts are mostly your own! 

Baby Daddy at this time will probably will be go through some realizations that his life is almost over. He will hold on to whatever youth and freedom he can! Don’t worry reality will soon slap him in the face! But in the meantime, all that time he spends away with the “boys” is just more ammo you can use to get things done!

4. It’s in the second trimester that you start to recognize the fact that you can feel your baby moving! People always say to you, “isn’t it the best feeling EVER?”.

Guess what, for some…not really. Someone needs to warn some preggo ladies that it is OK to not feel all warm and fuzzy about the baby moving inside of you. Is it cool? For sure! Is it a sign that everything is good in there? Definitely. Is it kind of freaky knowing that there is a living being moving inside of you? YEAH! 

The books tell of the innocent little butterfly flutters that you feel when the baby first starts to move. What they don’t go on to tell you about is the feeling like a RAPID MONGOOSE IS TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM A BURLAP BAG in your belly later on your pregnancy.

5. Every pregnant girl knows that there is to be some expected discomfort when it comes to being pregnant. Specifically, you anticipate the pain your lady parts are going to go through once the baby finally arrives! What you don’t EVER expect is to have those lady parts hurt during the second trimester! When I asked the doctor what the pain was all about he just giggled and said that it was great! Baby was probably head down and causing stretching. His smile and giggle made me want to kick him in his nether region!

Finally, some of my favourite quotes from this trimester:

- Pregnant girl problems when working in an open office, “I apologize to you all in advance but I am very gassy today” 

Ryan- “Now you know how I feel having to carry around a belly all day.”

Ryan – “I have a belly too and you don’t see me complaining and asking for a foot rub.”

Lindsay – Ryan gets me a glass of water. “Babe, this water is warm!”

Ryan – “I know! I don’t want you to drink water that is too cold! You’ll make the baby cold!”

Parenting advice from my father:

Bill: “Want to know how to make make them stop crying? Just quietly go over to them and then smother them.”

Lindsay: “Like, you mean with kisses?”

Bill: “No, no…like with a pillow or something.”


Happy Friday!



  1. you may think its a joke now, Uncle Bill's comment, you just wait...seriously, i have maybe slept 6 hours TOTAL all week....I am a grouchy bear dealing with a toddler who refuses to sleep and when he does he is violently throwing himself around the bed and whimpering/crying/screaming, I have an almost 7 year old who SAYS shes sick but then forgets about it all day until its either time to eat supper or time for school AND NOW, to add insult to injury, Hubby was up shaking, teeth chattering and coughing all night, also coming down with something. Right now, I would take a vacation in a hospital!

  2. Yes, yes, and a thousand times YES. I agree on all accounts. Especially the husband testing his limits. I grounded mine. It obviously didn't work. Haha. But, no, I can't do anything, people comment on my body all day long, I don't LOVE the feeling of being pregnant. Oh, and tell Ryan it is totally different with the bellies. This one doesn't bend or stretch or fold. It just hurts!

  3. Haha these make me laugh! Do you have lots of people trying to touch your belly? And I don't get why people would comment on your size...never appropriate!