Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Samuel–7 Months


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Truthfully, I don’t know. 7 Months is a weird age because you don’t really get any appointments! I can tell by your big cheeks and pot belly that you are gaining weight.


You are still in some 6 month clothes but barely! Mostly 9 month stuff but even that is starting to get small. The thing about your clothes is that you are so tall and lanky! You are getting too tall for some of your shirts and pants in length but the waist is so big still! You are in size 3 shoes but are almost ready to switch to size 4. Still wearing size 3 diapers but again, almost out of those as well. I can tell because we have had a couple accidents at the end of the month.

We are starting to get use to getting dressed warmly before leaving the house everyday but it’s a chore! I am loving your fall stuff but I do miss the ease of summer! Good thing plaid, hats and sweaters are so cute!



What sleep? Sam spoils me with one night by just one waking and then the next will be 2 or 3! He is great at naps! I put him down and he sleep for about 1 hour in the morning and 1.5 to 2 hours in the afternoon. Even when Sam goes down for the night he is awake and plays in the crib until he falls asleep! It’s just the multiple waking up part that is difficult. I know it is a phase and we’ll get through it eventually.


I have a food-lover on my hands! Once I figured out that he hated any form of baby cereal, it was smooth sailing. Sam eats 3 solid meals a day of pureed foods. He mostly prefers meat and vegetables and isn’t a fan of fruit! We also give him a bit of meat or vegetables from our own plates on his tray that he picks away at.

Sam is still breastfeeding 5-7 times a day as well as having his meals. I think he had a bit of a nursing strike this month and that was hard. Every time he went to nurse he would try to get away and cry. He was hardly eating at all for a couple days. Thankfully it didn’t last long!



My baby is looking more and more like a little boy. I get comments all the time about how old he is looking. Sam’s spikey hair is gone and we now have a little boy comb over.

My brown eyed boy can make me smile with the twinkle in his eyes! I love watching all the different facial expressions he has. Happy, shy, silly, mad and so much more!



Sam has always been a happy baby and it still continues to be that way. He loves to eat, watch Tucker, sit on the floor to play with his stacking cups and teething toys!

Sam REALLY likes bath time now and it is getting to be very wet! He instantly starts slashing when his feet touch the water.

Sam still loves being outside and going for walks! It doesn’t matter if it’s cold out, he just wants the fresh air!

His new favourite thing this month is sitting in the grocery cart! He smiles, giggles and looks at everything as it passes!



Being tired and hungry are number one on this list. He is very attached to me right now and wants me to always be right by his side every second. If I have to go to the bathroom or something, he cries the whole time! 

Lately, Sam has started to hate his excersaucer! He would rather have me hold him! Ha ha!

Sam is not a huge fan of getting in and out of his car seat or getting dressed to go outside!



On October 4, we had our first night away from each other! It was harder on me then you I think! Ha ha!


Your first Thanksgiving was on the 11 and 12 of October!


You really perfecting sitting on your own this month and I was finally able to catch it on camera!


On October 19 you were in your first car ralley! Sorry about making you wear the LA kings hat!


Carved your first pumpkin this year on October 27!


We all had so much fun on your first Halloween night! You were Mom and Dad’s great catch, our lobster!

Halloween (5)



This month I  think I realized how fun life is going to be. There are obviously very hard days but for the most part, we have so much fun! It is pretty impossible to imagine life when I wasn’t a Mom.

There are hard days and sometimes I get insanely jealous of Ryan. I’m jealous of the freedom he has. If he is going out somewhere all he has to think about is walking out the door. My list is so long! Food for Sam, who’s going to watch Sam, working on his schedule, diapers, instructions and etc.

I am getting out once a week for piano lessons and that has been really good for my soul. The drive there and back is so peaceful. I also take a little time every night to practice. It’s that time that is a focus on myself that reminds me that I am still Lindsay, not just Mom.



As I mentioned before, Dad watches you once a week by himself so that Mom can get out for a bit. It’s funny to think that he use to be nervous about doing it all on his own because now he doesn’t even think about it! He is a natural with you!

Bath time has become his thing. When he is home, he is in charge of bathing you. He loves to watch you splash and sometimes spends an extra minute with you wrapped in a towel for a snuggle.

There are many days during the week that Dad will be driving the big truck a long distance. He always asks about you coming and I always have to let him down. Your car seat can’t go in the truck until it is front facing. He is DYING to have to come along with him for drives. I can tell you two are going to be the best of friends.



Your love for Tucker is so strong! If that puppy is in the room, your attention is 100% on him! He is even starting to warm up to you a little!


We started noticing that when you watch T.V, that you sit exactly like Mommy! It’s pretty cute!


You love to hold your own bottle now when you get one!


My Dearest Sam,

Happy 7 months! We are loving this stage in your life! You are so playful and funny! I try so hard to soak up every moment with you. I know that the days are short and soon I’ll be back to work. But for now, I am loving our time together.

This month was so fun because we got celebrate Halloween with you. You were a wonderful little lobster! We were so proud to show you off to some friends and family. Daddy and I love you for making us a “family”.

With Christmas approaching I am excited for the traditions we will start and the magic that we get to experience through you. Every new day is an adventure and a memory with you!

I love you!




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  1. oh I love Sam! True on the expressions, that kid will be laughing one minute then look completely horrified the next. We love this little dude!

  2. He just gets cuter every month! I feel like Jeanette started to look more grown up around 7 months and now that she's standing I feel like she's grown up WAY too fast! I'm surprised he doesn't like fruit, I think Jeanette would live off banana's alone if I let her. Have you tried pancakes yet? Those are another fave in our house.

  3. I long for the days where I could just pick up and walk out the door at a moments notice! It is so much different for the guys, I get a little jealous sometimes! I can't believe how big Sam is getting! I think these boys need to SLOW down on the growing thing!

  4. Such a handsome little guy! Love him!!! But Sammy... stop growing so fast, K? ;)

  5. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter :) Love that grey sweater he is wearing in the second picture :)

  6. What sunshine Sam is in our lives. Blessings.