Monday, November 17, 2014

On The Weekends I Take Pictures Of Sam and My Husband


Happy Monday everyone! It’s looking pretty wintery around these parts which makes me want to wrap up in a sweater and sip hot chocolate all day!

We had a great weekend and it felt super long because on Friday Ryan got to be off work super early! With that extra time we packed up the car and drove across the border to pick up a couple special items for Sam’s Christmas. While we were wasting time at the nearby Wal-Mart, we spotted this gator. For a joke, I told Ryan to put Sam in the driver seat. Well the joke was on us because the instant he sat down it was like he knew exactly what it was. He started smiling and squealing and “driving” by turning the wheel back and forth. I never thought things like this would interest such a young little dude. But apparently they are born with it! Ryan was almost as excited as Sam!

nov 16 1

Some people asked if we bought it but I refused as he is still way to little! When he gets old enough to touch the pedal, maybe. Ha ha!

Someone was very curious on the way home as to what was in the packages!

nov 16 2

While it was not Sam’s first time on our hometown Ferry, he had never gotten his picture taken. Sam was starting to get fussy and of course was instantly happy when we took him out of the car! He loved the checking out the ferry and the beautiful landscape!

nov 16 3

Saturday morning we were all up early! My little man who would sleep till 7 has been waking up at 6 lately, boo! We had a little play time in Mom and Dad’s big bed before heading downstairs!

nov 16 4

Ryan had some work to do outside Saturday morning so Sam and I hung out inside! He went down for an early nap! I am getting the itch to start Christmas decorating but held off on Saturday! It’s the plan for this week though!

When Sam woke up Ryan declared that he wanted to go get his skates sharpened and he was taking Sam. They drove out the laneway and I realized it was the first time I had been alone in the house since Sam was born!! WEIRD feeling! So, I packed up and went to my parents so I could practice my weekly lesson on their piano!

That evening I went out and the boys stayed at home! It was the last weekend of the 2014 hunting season so Ryan took Sam back to a friends camp for a quick visit! I got these pictures later and Ryan said HE loved it! He loved looking around, listening to everyone talking and flirting with an adorable little 2 year old that was also visiting! I’m in trouble…Ha ha! 

 nov 16 5

nov 16 6

When I came home Sam was already in bed and I got to relax for the rest of the night! Ryan headed off back to the camp for the night.

Sunday morning we were all up early again and while Ryan had hockey, Sam and I headed to church! Sam and I go down to Sunday School now every week and he is loving the social time with all his buddies and I like the social time with all the fellow church Mommies! ha ha! It’s awesome to see all the kids playing, singing and praying together and I am so glad Sam will be apart of it one day!

After church I cooked breakfast for us and my parents to celebrate my Dads birthday. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and got ready for a busy week to come!

How was your weekend?


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