Friday, November 7, 2014

It’s Friday and I have Some Confessions


Happy Friday everyone! The week has finally come to an end! It has felt like a long one….maybe the beginnings of winter blues? Sam has been a hoot this week! During playtime he loves to smile, squawk and laugh! I love to just sit back and watch him!

But enough about Sam for now! His 7 month update is almost finished! I was driving home from groceries yesterday and was thinking about some stuff that needed to be discussed about me for now!

I confess that I chopped off my hair again. My hair grows kind of fast so my last haircut had grown out into a length past my shoulders. I wanted a cute Bob style but knew it would mean chopping a lot off. I sat in the hairdressers chair and said “cut it”. There was no hesitation. I’ve been calling it my “Mommy hairstyle”. A big part of the reason is that it does take me less time to style! So far I love it and I don’t foresee going back to longer locks anytime soon.


I confess that I have yet to purchase 1 Christmas present. This is very odd for me. Usually I like to be almost DONE shopping by now. I’m feeling a little bit of denial when it comes to Christmas. My favourite holiday also means that the time has flown by and I’ll have an almost 9 month old. I have an awesome list and know exactly what I’m getting people! If I had a full day to myself to go shopping I know I could get it done but I kind of don’t want to!

I confess even through I am denial about Christmas being less than 2 months away, I have already purchased Sam’s special Christmas outfit! Most of Sam’s clothes are used but for special occasions we always get him something special! I also got a new Christmas dress for myself! There maybe no presents, decorations or baking at my house but we will certainly look good!

I confess that I am also in denial about losing the last little bit of baby weight. I knew that nursing Sam meant holding onto a little bit extra. I am making a little less milk now because my boy loves his solid foods! I should be able lose that extra bit but I have zero will power! I think I have eaten every piece of chocolate out of our whole bowl of Halloween candy! In fact, it’s worse than no will power, because I am making less milk, I’m not burning as many calories and have started to put on a couple extra pounds! Eek! I weigh more now than I did a month after Sam was born! Here’s hoping I can say “see ya” to couple extra pounds before the indulgence of the holidays begin!

I confess that my love for Gossip girl isn’t over yet! I am sad at the idea that I am almost done all of the seasons! I also worry about the characters health! They have literally all slept with each other, better put in a little STD testing in the next episode!

I confess that I am on the look out for a Blaire-like winter coat! She wears a cape style all the time and I love the way it looks! It’s impossible to find one at a decent price through!


I confess that both of my winter coats, my red pea coat and blue Columbia jacket, were purchases in my last year of HIGH SCHOOL! I’ll be graduated from High School 10 years this year. I want to update both coats but don’t want to spend the money! I also have a hard time committing to a style and color! Commitment issues I guess. When you keep an article of clothing for 10 years, you want to REALLY love it.

Blue jacket

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Love the new hair cut! It looks fabulous :)

  2. Oh girl I hear ya! I still have 17 lbs to lose! Ugh. Motivation is NOT happening. BUT I'm trying to do it by 9 months so we will see. I have 6 weeks. Hang in there girl, you look fab so don't worry about it!