Friday, November 28, 2014

Today I’m Thankful For…


Happy Friday everyone! And happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my friends south of the border! Thinking about this holiday (again) made me think of some things I am very thankful for!

- Today I’m thankful for amazing friends and family! This is kind of obvious but I know how lucky I am. Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious  homemade lunch with a fellow Mommy friend! Talk about a great way to spend a Thursday. She even had a plate and seat for Sam! Also, the family in Sam’s life. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a super close relationship with my grandparents but I know he will. They are always more then willing to help Ryan and I out by watching him for us. Never any hesitation.

- I’m SUPER thankful for the Black Friday sale items I scored yesterday and today! Winter coats for the whole family and Christmas gifts crossed off the list at a fraction of the price! I talked earlier about my 10 year old jackets not being able to function for me anymore and the fact that I could replace those for a fraction of the price is even better!

One of my new jackets!

- I’m thankful for Christmas parties! It’s going to be an exciting month and it starts today with the company Christmas party! Even though I am on Mat. leave, I still had a hand in helping to organize and participate! We are changing it up this year and hosting it ourselves! I am excited for the change and I hope it goes over well! Planning the door prize game yesterday made me excited for all the shenanigans!

- I’m thankful, oddly enough, for Ryan’s winter hours. It was a big adjustment to move from day to night shift but now that we kind of have a schedule, it makes life a little more predictable. Once Ryan sleeps in the morning he gets to spend the afternoons with Sam and I!

- I am thankful for Christmas decorations that make the house feels cozy and festive!

Christmas decorations (28)

- I am thankful for our latest book club book, The Rosie Project. For a long time I haven’t felt like reading because it was a long time since a book captured me. This book, I haven’t been able to put down! It feels great to have book that you are willing to stay up to read “just one more chapter”.

- I am thankful for my new socks. Usually, I am a hater of socks. I avoid wearing them at all costs. On a whim, to wear with a specific pair of boots, I picked up some wool work socks and I feel in love. They are warm, don’t slide down and so comfy! It almost feels like I am not wearing socks at all!


What are you thankful for today? Did you indulge in any Black Friday deals?

Happy Friday!


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  1. I saw you wearing those socks at Church on Sunday! Maybe I should get a pair cuz I hate all my socks - apparently my ankles have gotten fatter or something and everything feels tight and leaves