Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally Joined The PVR World!


Happy Friday friends! I still feel so confused this morning. I cannot get my days straight today! I was sure it was Saturday when I woke up! It’s not that I’m confused because of lack of sleep. I have actually been heading to bed VERY early the last couple of days. I have been going to bed early so that I can enjoy recorded shows because we FINALLY have a PVR.

Ryan and I have wanted a PVR for a long time! But we put off getting one over and over again as our extra budget money went to other things like trips! Finally, on Monday we declared, let’s call and get one, it will be our Christmas gift to each other. The amazing news? We got a SMOKIN’ deal on a PVR from Bell! It was installed on Tuesday and now I have a hard time imagining what watching normal T.V used to be like!

I have to be honest, although the thought of getting a PVR was exciting, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it. I thought that maybe the technology was far more advance then my skills. I didn’t want to have to sit through multiple teaching sessions with Ryan.

Thankfully, it was been a super simple transition and I now know what I have been missing all this time! For one, I have been wasting SOOOO much time on commercials! I was in disbelief the first night when I watched two hour long shows within 1 hour! I am so glad to now be able to not sit through boring commercial after commercial!

One of the main reasons I wanted a PVR is because I am an early to bed kinda girl! I wake up purposely super early in the mornings (currently 5:19 AM) and therefore need to go to bed early as well. The problem with that, most of the good shows seemed to start after 9 PM. This is not an issue anymore! I went trigger happy the first night and recorded lots of post-9PM shows! In reality, I wasn’t missing too much but at least I have the option.

For a long time I felt like I was was the last person to embrace this piece of technology! In fact, my parents even got their own PVR 3 years ago! It wasn’t because we didn’t want one, it just never made sense to splurge on one. Other things always ended up higher on our list of “wants”. But now I feel excited to have this “little black box of awesome” to get to figure out!

Do you have a PVR?

Happy Friday!



  1. I do have one - actually we have two because we have so many shows taping on the one upstairs that we have to sometimes tape downstairs and something we noticed within the last week - Bell has finally upgraded their info - so when you choose a series lets say and you select new episodes, each episode has to have a date for it to be new, if it says NA you will get every show taped and that fills the PVR up and you have to go and delete and we noticed that things have changed which is long story short, you don't need to worry about anything. I find it funny that Ricky spends more time playing around with PVR and timers cuz all our shows are on at the same time, so he's constantly moving schedules all around, glad he has it sorted out cuz I don't - I just tape my shows downstairs! Have fun! Also...if you order a PPV movie, if you order it in the regular section and not the 1000 HD Demand, you can actually tape the movies too, just not the Demand ones.

  2. Welcome to the PVR Club! ;) I knew you'd love it... and I knew the technology wasn't beyond you! It's so simple. I tried to make it complicated the first week I had mine until Stacy told me I was doing it wrong. lol My biggest problem is getting the schedule to work out, because so many of my shows are on at the same time and I can only record one at a time. You're probably way more advanced than I am in that respect! haha!

  3. I love my PVR, and rarely watch anything except the news live.

  4. I love my Rogers PVR. We can record 8 shows @ once. No problem. I hate commercials. Nice thing is you can record your show for 20 mins and start watching it from the beginning and fast forward the commercials. Love it.