Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And Just Like That, It’s Winter!


Happy Wednesday everyone! It looks like I am living inside of a snow globe. One minute everything was still green and after Monday’s day of snow, we have a winter wonderland! The winter 2014/2015 is also the last season that I get to enjoy being at home with my boy. I was a little nervous thinking about winter and being home. It’s no secret that winter is not my favourite season. I hate being cold and I hate having to bundle up to go anywhere.

But I refuse to let my hatred for winter ruin my last few months with my boy. Truth be told, I don’t hate being at home. I don’t really have the itch to get out all the time because while Sam and I are at home, we have a very good routine! Sam naps better, eats better and I can predict what the days look like. But there are certain things that I’d like to do this winter!

1. Canal skating

Every winter Ryan and I head to the Rideau canal for a little visit! Usually we get a beavertail and sometimes even have a little skate. This year we’d like to take Sam with us so that we can continue the tradition this year and all the years to come!

2. Get cold 

Let’s face it, being cold sucks but it’s a big part of being a Canadian. When the weather isn’t dangerous, I have vowed to bundle Sam up once a day to head outside. Even if it’s for a short little walk. We purchased a little sleigh at a kids sale back in September and we got to try it out for the first time on Monday! It’s a great way to get around this winter!

nov 18

3. Go see a Momma and Me movie!

Because I had Sam in the Spring and summer’s are too beautiful to be stuck in a theatre, I only went to a Stars and Strollers movie once! Before I’m done Maternity leave I’d like to go to one more! It’s a nice little outing and I love the fact that I can take Sam with me for a little date!

4. Our own play dates!

After I had Sam Mommy groups from around the area began contacting me about joining them for all sorts of activities. It’s amazing that our area has such a great community of parents. The only problem was that I felt obligated to do all of these activities with Sam since I only had the year off. The other issue was that there is literally a new play group everyday of the week and we were running to them all the time. The times would mess with Sam’s schedule and I was getting stressed making sure I could get to them all. Eventually, I cut ties with these groups. Instead this winter I want to visit close friends who are Mommies that are also off right now. They are the ones that I’d like to spend the time with right now.

5. Be with my boy!

Never again in my life will I get to have such uninterrupted time with Sam. I am really trying to soak up the little things right now. The post nap snuggles, the way he reaches for me from his highchair, and the way he looks around for me when on his tummy. I’m consciously taking the time to make the memory last. I know he won’t remember the year off that I had with him but it’s something that I’ll always cherish.

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  1. We have to do a Momma and Me Movie soon! I don't even know how to look these things up haha!
    Also, let us know when you do go skating on the Canal and we'll meet you there. We plan to take Rylie at least once this year for sure!

  2. That's so great that you have all of those activities close by! We have some, but they are always during the day, which I get, but unfortunately we can't ever attend any of them. :( Have so much fun with Sam this Winter! I'm SO hoping that John enjoys the snow!