Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Picture-less Weekend And Christmas Problems


Happy Wednesday! Holy rain! As I type this, ll of the snow that we got is officially gone! Woo hoo! As I always say, I’d be more then happy to have a green Christmas!

The plan in my head for this past weekend was to get lots done for Christmas! I thought our lights would go up, the trees and maybe even some baking! The problem with that? I had forgot that Sam and I were on our own for all of Saturday!

Ryan had a sledding security course all day and then hockey right after at night! After a busy week I was looking forward to spending the weekend together and was sad when I remembered that we actually wouldn’t be seeing much of Ryan! I was even more disappointed to miss a party for good friends that are getting married this January in Mexico!

But, Sam and I had a good time together. Relaxing, playing and just spending time together!

It is less then 1 month till Christmas and considering a week ago I thought I was WAY behind, I am feeling very prepared. I am not a last minute shopper and while I hoped to have ALL of my shopping done by December 1, Ryan has agreed to watch Sam some afternoon so I can have a solo trip! I’ll need that trip to do all of my shopping for Ryan but it’s going to be hard!

Every year Ryan and I sit down and write down Christmas lists. This is a good thing not only for ourselves but for numerous people who ask for ideas. We also set a small budget every year. We don’t want to spend a lot of money on each other for Christmas as we have a Nova Scotia trip approaching that we want to save our pennies for. This year, the budget is $150 each. The issue, NONE of Ryan’s gifts on his wishlist are under that amount!

I give Ryan credit, when it wants something, it is usually big. He doesn’t buy random things for himself through out the year. But it makes him VERY difficult to shop for.

This year he wants;

A side-by-side – $15,000


Some special camera called a GoPro $350-$400

A GPS Nike Watch – $200-$250

Basketball tickets plus travel and stay in Toronto $500-$800

Seriously, what is a girl to do? Ryan works really hard and is a great husband and father. I want to get him something nice for Christmas but his wishlist items are way over budget. Now I ask you, what do you get the men in your life for Christmas? Do they have expensive tastes as well? What is your Christmas budget?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Only Ryan...Ricky would have a list like that, but we don't exchange gifts, never have. We always have something that is bought right before Christmas that is our gift to each other, one year was the WII, last year was the new car, this year, well besides a house maybe, we are looking for a new couch set!

  2. My fiance and I have been doing stockings the last couple of years. We have a $150 limit as well, and I personally love doing it this way because you can get lots of little things that they mention and talk about throughout the year. The two big ones I'm getting him are: some fancy beard comb he really wants and NHL 2014 (it's way cheaper now that 15 is out).