Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend In North Bay


Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was perfect because not only did we get to spend it together, but we also got to spend it with some other family members!

It was the longest Sam would be in the car for an extended period of time and we were a little nervous about his first  road trip. We loaded up on Friday afternoon right before his nap and things went pretty smoothly for a while…

nov 9 1

What would a road trip be without some Tim Horton's? Yup, typical Canadian’s!

nov 9 2

All was wonderful until the last hour where Sam proceeded to cry until we got to our destination! It was intense to listen to him cry for that long! We tried food, diaper, toys, soother, everything! He just wasn’t interested!

When we got to North Bay I couldn’t believe they had snow on the ground! I was so excited!

nov 9 4

Ryan’s Aunt Lynn greeted us at the door and we all settled in and had a very delicious supper! After Sam went down to bed, we all sat around and had a nice visit! It felt so good to catch up!

We declared that we were never leaving the next morning because SAM SLEPT ALL NIGHT! The first time in almost 4 months! It felt amazing and frightening all at the same time! While I was getting ready for the day I realized that I had grabbed body lotion instead of shampoo! Luckily, in our room Aunt Lynn had this adorable little box of goodies at our disposable!

nov 9 3

When we came downstairs Uncle Harv had arrived late in the night and we got to all sit down to a delicious breakfast! We decided to head to the Target that morning and I am SO glad that we did! In the hour that we were there, I got 3 people crossed off of my Christmas list!!

When we got back to Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harv’s house, Sam went down for his sleep and more people started arriving! Will, Michelle, Dean, Charlotte and Amelia all joined for a visit and supper! The girls were wonderful with Sam! They even helped me give him his bath! I was able to leave Sam with them knowing he would be kept safe and entertained! Some pretty cute future babysitters!

nov 9 5

We all watched the hockey game and then had a quiet evening sitting around chatting and laughing!

The next morning we packed and had some more time visiting before we had to hit the road towards home. We were sad to be leaving but glad to have had a great time with them this weekend!

nov 9 6

The reasons we had to rush back home was because I got to have the honour of laying a wreath on behalf of a relative of mine, Nursing Sister Mary Oderiah Mable Hamilton, at our hometown Remembrance Day service. 

nov 9 7

Photo credit: Cheryl Dolan Photography

It was a wonderful weekend spend with loved ones! It was nice to away together for a quick trip to visit with family!

How was your weekend?



  1. and i see you are still wearing your red coat...your like 10 year old red coat hahaa!

  2. We had a really nice visit too, we love seeing the three of you <3 Sam is such a sweet happy boy, we are madly in love with him. Thank you so much for making the trip and the lovely visit. I can't wait to see you guys again. xo

  3. Sounds like a terrific visit. Your red coat was perfect for Remembrance Day.