Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Clean Eating Is Turning Me Into A Bitch


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going by super fast! I have to say, this week has had it’s challenges and it all revolves around what I am putting in my mouth!

My brother is a Beachbody coach and fitness/nutrition expert. I am at the total opposite end of the pole. I hate to work out, I love my sweets and treats and 13 months later, I’m just now at my pre-pregnancy weight which is larger than I want.

Through Jared’s online fitness community, he started a challenge group. This weeks challenge, Clean Eating. I like to THINK I eat pretty clean but now that I am actually doing the challenge I have come to realize that I don’t. I love my breads, store bought salad dressings and sweetener in my coffee.

“Give me carbs!!”

I am hardly three days in and it has been easier than I thought. I loved the planning portion! Figuring out what my snacks and lunches were going to be this week and how I would alter supper to suit everyone. For the most part, I’m actually not feeling hungry. I eat breakfast with coffee, 1 snack at 10, lunch, another snack at 3 and then supper. But the biggest side effect I’ve had is my mood.

I find myself easily irritated and irrational. My mood swings are all over the place. I feel like I could easily bite someone’s head off in an instant and yet cry at the drop of a hat. Maybe a sugar withdrawal? I think I may have been more addicted to preservatives and sugars than I originally thought.

One of my favorite things is my morning coffee. I like 1 milk and 1 sugar in my coffee and I’ve been drinking it that way for almost 10 years. This week, I’m attempting to go cold turkey and have been drinking it black. It’s been the worse thing for my mood. Something that I use to LOVE now makes me gag from the bitterness. No longer do I get that jolt of caffeine in the morning when I am sipping on my creamy and sweet warm coffee. And it just starts my day out wrong!

I am hoping that this side effect is short lived and soon this clean eating thing will give me more energy and feel better overall, like everyone keeps assuring me it will. For now, I am going to continue to eat my SUPER healthy ways this week and let you know how all this kale, plain greek yogurt and almonds work out for me (or don’t).


Happy Wednesday!



  1. I agree - I use it as a guideline...because its harder to do it with the whole family but we have been doing better than a couple months ago!

  2. lol - I agree, the planning and organizing for a week of clean eating is way more fun that actually DOING the clean eating. ;) I haven't noticed any bitchiness from you this week, though, so you're good, dude!! lol!! I need to get my ass back on track badly... I should have done the challenge too, I need to commit again!

  3. Ugh I could never go cold turkey black! I switched to sugar free syrups and almond milk creamer and that was enough of an adjustment. Proud of you for making such a big change! I'm sure it will be easier next week once your body gets used to it!

  4. I recently started the 21 day fix, except I need to do it a lot longer than 21 days ;)

  5. I'm jealous you're at pre preggo weight. I still have some lbs to go :(

  6. The clean challenge has me craving Kentucky Fried Chicken, and fries and gravy :(