Friday, May 29, 2015

Update From A Lazy Gardener

Happy FRIDAY everyone! Its been a super busy but glorious week! Here’s to another weekend of working but I get to have a little extra time with Sam!

The weather has been so nice that after Sam goes to bed, I’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. I either go for a run, water my flower pots, take a swim or work on my veggie garden. One would assume because I grow grass for a living that I am a natural at taking care of my gardens. Ever hear that one about the shoemakers kids?

Truth be told, I LOVE the idea of growing a vegetable garden and harvesting all of my produce from it. In reality, they are ALOT of work.

Every year I faithfully plant my garden and tend to it as best as possible. Weeding, watering and watching as my plants grew and grew. The location of my veggie garden is in the back yard and the same level as the rest of the grass. EVERY year, the lawn mower has carelessly chopped up half of my garden.

NOTHING is more discouraging than spending so much time working on this garden to go out and a discovered my decapitated bean plants.

Last year was a particularly bad year for my garden. I didn’t have as much free time being that I had a little baby and work to attend to. But I plugged away and my garden wasn’t doing so bad! Just as I thought I was out of the woods, I went out to do more weeding one night only to discover all of my Dill weed plants had been chopped. I could have cried (I actually may have) and threw in the gardening gloves for the year. I didn’t weed my garden again and eventually the whole thing became a pile of weeds and I never produced one edible thing from it.

For my birthday I asked my husband to build me some garden boxes and he obliged! Ryan worked hard at building them and levelling the ground. This spring he mixed the soil and filled them up for me. We still have to sod around the boxes (shoemakers kids) but we will when we have a little more time.

I was cautiously excited to plant my garden this year. I planned what was going to go in which box. I have watched as things have sprouted and thrived and weeding has been SO much easier without lawn clippings being blown into the garden. There is also something about knowing that I only have to weed the certain amount of square feet of the boxes that makes the job less tedious.
The grass has been cut many a times already this year and I have yet to see one of my new veggie plants be cut off by any blades!

It is working and I told Ryan that this gift was one of the best ones I’ve gotten from him.

Here’s hoping for a season full of fresh-from-the-garden veggies!

Happy Friday!



  1. I have totally switched to garden boxes. I am still waiting for two more to be delivered, so I can finish planting my veggies. I don't have a Ryan to build mine.

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