Monday, May 11, 2015

Special Mother’s Day Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! I have to say that I feel rejuvenated after a wonderful weekend with my boys! My heart feels full as I begin the week.

Friday night Ryan and I had the afternoon off so that we could take Sam a check up with his neurologist. We got some FANTASTIC news! As long as everything keeps going in this direction, he won’t need to see Sam anymore! Woo Hoo!

We beat traffic and got home in great time. We hung out and then I got ready for Ladies Night, a fundraiser in the next town! It was a great time visiting, eating, and watching the impersonator.



Saturday morning it was my turn to work. I had a quiet morning at work which allowed me to get some paperwork done. Thankfully, the dreary morning cleared up to sunny skies and I got to hang out with Sam before his afternoon nap. We went into the field behind out home and threw the ball for Tucker.


It started getting cold and cloudy again. But we got to work at setting everything up and cleaning everything in the pool! We had the pool opened last Wednesday and we can’t wait for it to be ready so we can take Sam for his first swim of 2015.

It had started to rain JUST as Ryan got the BBQ set up for our supper. I set our places in the sunroom so we could listen/watch the rain during supper.



Ryan got soaked making our meal but it was SO worth it! I have missed BBQ season! There seems to be less dishes and the house doesn’t warm up from the stove! We had sweet potatoes, asparagus, salmon and steak. Yum! 


Sam was a complete goof after supper on Saturday! He was giggling and playing without taking a moment to breath! He wanted so bad to sit on his little rocking chair just like Ryan and I were doing. It was hilarious watching him try to “rock”.


Some days I feel like a personal jungle gym for Sam to crawl all over. But he was laughing and giggling so much that I can’t help but feel blessed. I cherished this sweet moments before he went to bed!


Sunday was Mothers day and I got spoiled by my boys! Last year Sam was just a little over a month old and this year I got a little boy who spent his day giving me kisses. Ryan really went above and beyond this year. Taking Sam duty, making all the meals, and just going with the flow as to what I wanted to do for the day.


We headed to church that morning where Ryan took Sam down to Sunday School so I could sit and enjoy the sermon. Sam was a goof before Sunday school! Waving and giggling at his friends across the way. I got some sweet Mother’s Day surprises from Sunday School and a new flower for one of my pots from Rev. Best!

It was a cold and yucky day but I was glad. I got to do what I love most, nothing! We watched Netflix, I read, and even took a little nap. It was heaven! Ryan BBQ us another supper and we relaxed together and played. My heart was so full and my boys made me feel so loved and appreciated!

Sam having his pre-bed milk in his lazy boy.


I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend as well.



  1. Thanks, Lindsay, I still get a thrilling rush when someone calls me Rev.! Sam was being a real comedian. <3

  2. So glad to hear everything is looking good with Sam! I bet that was a big sigh of relief. Happy belated Mother's Day to you!