Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wonderful LONG Weekend With My Boys


Happy Wednesday everyone! It was one WONDERFUL weekend. It was so full of fun times and relaxing time. A great balance.

I had purchased all of my planting material on Thursday before the weekend and was excited to get my hands dug into the dirt and everything planted!


We had a quiet Friday movie night in Beechgrove. Saturday morning Ryan had to get up and go to work so Sam and I got dressed, ate and then loaded up the car. First stop was Nana and Poppas for a coffee and visit. Then we hit the road for a car nap and check out some garage sales! I am on the look out for a couple of things. An old paddle for a little pool bathroom reno project and used Tonka trucks for Sam’s sandbox!

We didn’t have any luck finding our list of needed things but we did find a couple of other treasures! A couple toys for Sam that were a big hit for the rest of the weekend!


Sam helped me BBQ some sausages for lunch.


Ryan got home and joined us for lunch and then Sam went down for his nap. When he slept I got most of my planting done! Besides my 5 flower pots, I planted my veggies. This year I am going to (attempt) to grow, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, dill, other herbs, peppers, kale and spinach. I was getting to use my new veggie garden boxes that Ryan made me last fall!

When Sam woke up from his nap he was all about wearing his new Firefighters helmet and getting on and off of his riding elephant! I hung out with my boys for a while before getting ready to head to a birthday supper with girlfriends.


Sunday, surprisingly…I have NO pictures! I guess we were having too much fun hanging out as a family. We went to church, working outside getting the pool ready and then headed over to visit friends, Rebekka and Josh for supper and ice cream! It was a full and fun day!

Monday morning I had the day off of work but Ryan woke up to go to work. I took a shower and went to go kiss him goodbye and he had made me a coffee! He was heading to work and still thought to make me a coffee. I thought it was the sweetest thing. My man sure does know the way to my heart.


Sam was in an amazing mood all Monday and I had SO much fun just spending the day at home with him hanging out. It reminded me of my maternity leave days and I’ve missed the easy going pace. 


I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and during Sams first nap I set up his water table. When he woke up I set up a little picnic for his snack and he spent over an hour playing in the water and was SOAKED by the time we came inside.


We BBQ some chicken for Caesar salad for lunch and we ate and played some more before nap time. Ryan got home shortly after lunch and we continued to clean things up outside and relaxing.


Part of the relaxing was actually using out pool area for the first time. We grabbed a drink and I had made a homemade Queso dip. I’ve been experimenting with making Queso dip that tastes similar to that of our favourite restaurant! Have to say, I ALMOST have it! Can’t wait to share the recipe with you!


I prepped some food for the week, made supper and Sam helped me in the kitchen. We all ate and  then played until Sam’s bedtime! It was kind of sad when the evening was over because that meant that the awesome weekend was over. But I am SO glad that we got to spend it at home together getting our outdoor paradise and gardens ready for the season.




  1. Ahhhh the mug?! What happened?!

  2. He's so cute in the fireman helmet! Glad you had a wonderful weekend :)