Monday, May 25, 2015

Scenes From The Weekend–Because I’m Too Tired For A REAL Post!


Ugh. Monday already? Where has the weekend gone? I can tell you one thing I didn’t do much of this weekend, sleep. But it was so worth it because it was SO fun!

Oh sweet Fridays! Nothing makes me happier than and end of the work week and some time with my boy! He seemed pretty happy about the fact that it was Friday too!


This week and weekend was COLD! Good thing I got a new work jacket because I have been layering to battle this summer freeze! We even had frost over the weekend and I lost a couple of my veggie plants from frost.


Friday night I didn’t want to ask for a babysitter to help set up the hall for the Annual Canada Day Golf Tournament so I offered to make all the Jell-o shooters after Sam went to bed. This is a job I have down to a science! I am able to make all the 250 Jell-o shooters in under an hour!


It was a cold and overcast day but there were ZERO bugs for all the golfers. I opted to help at the registration desk and sell raffle squares. My goal was to sell them all because that would mean that 1000$ would go to our fireworks (as the prizes were donated). Happy to say that again this awesome community pulled through and we sold them ALL!

It was a great party that night after the delicious steak supper! We ran out of shooters, Bud Light and I had to make a run for more liquor! This community continues to amaze me with their support in making sure we are able to put on an amazing celebration for Canada Day!


Some of the female committee members!


A little committee shenanigans!


Ugh. This Momma is not use to going to bed at 2:30 AM anymore but thankfully my boy was in a good mood and made it easy for me! We had to head to the city after cleaning up at the hall so that Ryan could get his phone looked at. Sam and I walked around and did a little shopping and then we headed to Wendy’s for a quick supper. When did my boy get so big that he wanted to take the fries out of the container himself!?!


How was your weekend?



  1. I can't do late nights either anymore haha. Sounds like a fun weekend though! Glad you were able to reach your goal!! We had awesome weather here this weekend, not that we got to enjoy the day yesterday haha

  2. with stags coming up and stuff, I don't know how by body is going to function to these late nights - i'm in bed anywhere between 8 and 9 religiously!
    Glad to hear that all squares were sold...too bad Maddy didn't win one lol