Monday, May 4, 2015

Most Of The Weekend I Can’t Tell You About


Wow! My weekend flew by, too quickly! To me, this was the first weekend that felt like SUMMER! There was lots of time spent outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.

Ryan, Sam and I had big plans on Saturday. Ryan and I would be going on our FIRST real date where Sam would be with staying with someone all day and overnight. It only took 13 months! Ha ha! But because I knew that Sam and I would be apart all Saturday, I wanted to get in a little extra play time on Friday afternoon/night.

I had made the pizza the night before and just threw it in the oven while I Sam and I played in the living room. I didn’t even bother changing out of my work clothes.


We ate our pizza (Sam ate 1.5 slices all to himself, geesh!) and the headed outside to enjoy the last of the beautiful evening before we put Sam to bed.

Friends Amanda and Josh got Sam this little car for his first birthday and he is OBSESSED! He can open the door and climb right in all by himself! He then stays in the car and “drives” for a long time. It is such a battle to get him out! ha ha


After Sam went down to bed I started packing! I got everything set out and ready for the next morning. Before bed Ryan and I started a new TV series on Netflix, Breaking Bad. We aren’t sure if we like it or not yet.

Saturday morning we dropped Sam and all his stuff off at Ryan’s parents. We got him settled and then hit the road to do our May date. For most of the drive to our first location I cried. Please tell me that the Mommy guilt eventually goes away? I felt this overwhelming guilt almost all day. I drop Sam off at daycare Monday to Friday and only get about 1 and half hours with him each night. The weekends are suppose to be the days that I get the extended time with him and one of those days I was dropping him off and spending the day and night away from him. I felt awful.

Eventually, our date took my mind off of it. I know Sam was having an amazing time with his grandparents and Ryan and I had a great time too. This date was WAY overdue.


Sunday morning Ryan had plans so I went and picked up Sam and then we headed to church. Sam had a great time down in Sunday school watching his buddies and clapping away to songs.

We got home, had a quick lunch and the Sam went down for a nap and I got to work on some meal prep and garden work. I guess I was ahead of schedule because I eventually got to spend about 30 minutes rocking on the front porch reading a book. It is my definition of paradise.


Sam eventually woke up and we played, ate supper and got ready for a big week ahead!


How was your weekend?


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  1. It does get easier!! I just find that I actually love hanging out with Noah, so I end up missing him. I don't crave that time away from him, but I know it is healthy for M and I! Did I miss something in this post!? Where did you go on your date? Lol