Friday, May 1, 2015

Year of Dates–March and April 2015


Happy Friday everyone!  We have some big plans coming up this weekend and so I am anxious for it to get here! We have been having a great week here! Really spending every night enjoying some family time outside.

I feel a little bad. I’m sure some of you assume that we are not doing our year of dates anymore. When in fact, we still really enjoying opening up our date envelopes every month!

I guess the thing about these dates is that because they have involved Sam, they haven’t been very exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed taking the time to have a “date” with my husband, even if it is in the comfort of our own home. But I feel like the dates have been done before.

I guess there is only so much that you can do inside the home.

But even though they are not exciting, I want to make sure that I document it. I don’t want to look back on the year trying to remember what our dates were and assume we didn’t do anything because it wasn’t written down.

March was my month to plan. I like to make sure that I plan the date in March because it is Ryan’s birthday. The only problem is that March is the craziest month for our family! Work is getting busy, Sam started daycare, birthdays and other celebrations! It always just feels like one activity after the other.

I wanted to make Ryan feel special but I also knew that it had to be a pretty low key event. So, I made him his favourite meal, SNACKS  (wings, cheese sticks, pizza fingers, chips) and we settled down for a night of Netflix where he would have 100% control as to what movie we watched.

The thing is that lately Ryan and I have are spending more and more Friday evenings as home. Before Sam, we would always have plans on a Friday night. Now we find ourselves at home for a quiet Friday evening and movie nights have become more and more of a regular thing. So, unfortunately I think my date was a bit of a bust.

April was Ryan’s month to plan! And he decided a trip to one of my favourite restaurants was in order! I LOVE the Prescott in Ottawa. Their square pizza, homemade creamy garlic sauce and the deep fried cheesecake, yum! We actually had no issues getting this date done, which was a surprise! We actually ended up having it one Sunday for lunch in April after I had gone for a facial.

march date

We have a new Prescott pizza lover in the family as well! Sam LOVED it.

So, we did our dates and we really did have a good time while doing them but they just didn’t feel blog post worthy!

I am proud at the fact that life is getting busier and busier with Sam but we are still taking the time to at least carve out a little bit of time for eachother.

Really looking forward to our May date. The first without Sam!

Happy Friday!


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  1. I love reading about your date nights, Lindsay. I need to surprise Reg with a date night. Its tricky, as we only have one night a week that is free! I am thinking, maybe mini golf!