Friday, May 8, 2015

I’ve Become A Boy Mom


Happy Friday everyone! I get to have a short day at work today because Sam, Ryan and I are off to the Children’s hospital for a check up for Sam!

There was a part of me growing up that always knew I wanted to be a Mommy. It was just a path that I knew I would be taking one day. When I would imagine what my future life would look like, I imagined a baby girl.  It’s not that I had anything against boys, but being a female myself, girl stuff was what I knew.

I knew dolls, dresses, bows and princesses. I imagined tea parties, dress up and frills. When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t certain a girl was in my forecast. My gut instinct was actually boy. But, I was carrying very high and most people were convinced it was a girl! Over and over I got told that it must be a girl. Being that we were not finding out the gender before the birth, I began to believe people that it may be the case.

32 weeks

I was pleasantly surprised when on April 3, 2014, a baby boy was placed in my arms. One look at him and my whole world changed and so did my idea of having a baby girl.


It’s been an adjustment. I had to learn the names of a lot of different types of equipment. Backhoe versus loader. Cement truck versus dump truck. I’ve also had to work on and improve my “car driving” sounds. It’s been all about the blue, dinosaurs, sports and anything with a motor. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


aug 25 4

I’ve begun to love being the only girl at home. I am loving the new world my little boy has brought me into. I love the ease of dressing a little boy. Sam is ALL boy and I intend on fulfilling all that comes with that (aka: all the gross boy things) but I also intend on teaching him to be a gentleman. Teach him exactly how a woman should be treated and how to do things for himself.

Sometimes I feel like little boys get a bad rap. The items in stores for boys is half of what it is for girls! But I love my little man and all the “boy” things that has come with it. 

Happy Friday!



  1. Love this post!! I'm still getting over the getting dirty factor haha. Noah's learning how to do things faster and harder right now. His love for tractors and trucks and balls is insane haha. Good thing is I used to play with a car mat so I kind of can't wait to do that with Noah haha

  2. I used to dream of having six boys - I had names picked for all of them and everything! Now that I'm older, I really would love to have a daughter some day, but I've always held a special place in my heart for baby boys - and yours is definitely one of my faves. ;) Happy Mothers Day to you!!

  3. Your boys are sweethearts. Enjoy.