Monday, November 8, 2010

Dare #54

Happy Monday everyone!! It is so difficult to get out of bed now a days, it is so dark!! Plus, after such an action packed weekend I think I'll be drinking a second cup of coffee this morning.

Here is your dare this week:

Dare #54

Get your yard ready for winter! Trust me, if I don't put this as my dare this week, it will never get done!!

On my birthday, back in October, Ryan gave me an awesome birthday gift!! It was to spend a night in downtown Ottawa, being tourists in our own city. It was a great present idea and I couldn't wait to go!

Friday night Ryan went for an afternoon hunt so I got to tidying up the house and packed some bags, ready for Saturday morning!!

Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get up and get going. Ryan snuck down to the kitchen and whipped up some bacon and eggs for breakfast!

After loading the car and locking up the house we were finally ready to hit the road.

It is only an hour long drive to get to the city so we were there in no time. It was way too early to check in to our hotel room (which Ryan had planned anyways) so we hit up the mall! Again, I am spoiled rotten, Ryan bought me a couple of new shirts, new jacket and scarf. I love them all.

Since shopping is such hard work by the time lunch came I was starving! We went to The Heart and Crown for pub platters and chicken curry. The food was SOOO good and the restaurant is situated in a really old building right downtown.

With full belly's we headed to walk around the market. There are so many little neat shops and stands. We picked up a couple of Christmas gifts and then stopped for my favorite, a beavertail!!! Yum!

We continued our journey and walked around all of the tourist spots. The Rideau canal locks, Champlain statue, National Art Gallery, Peace monument, Colonel By monument, and the Parliament buildings!

It was a great morning/afternoon but we were ready to check into our room for some R/R before supper. Ryan had booked us a room at the Lord Elgin which is situated right downtown near all of the great spots!

Once we relaxed for a bit, changed for supper we walked to the market again for supper at The Keg. Yum!! We each had a delicious steak supper and fudge brownie for dessert!!

On our way back towards the hotel we decided to stop in at a pub to watch the rest of the hockey games. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and the rest of the hockey games. We were getting pretty sleepy so decided to head back to the hotel room. Well, we tried......

On our way back we noticed a familiar face working the door to one of the clubs. Conor and I were friends from high school and I was even his date to his graduation/prom! He invited us up and we enjoyed a couple shots (too many) and stayed the rest of the night catching up with him and enjoying ourselves.

It has been a LONG time since I have went out and let's just say my body did not appreciate those shots!! I was suffering the next morning but not enough to not enjoy the awesome breakfast buffet the hotel offered.

After breakfast we walked around Sparks street a little but then headed back to our hotel to check out and head home.

It was such a fun weekend planned by a great man!! He planned 100% of the trip so now I can cross off another item on my 101 list....

#92- Let Ryan organize a weekend vacation (every detail!) - Check!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



  1. What a fun weekend, good for you and Ryan. I love walking around the market and the best part - beavertails. Mmmm!

    I remember Connor's grad! Haha...what a good day it was. :)

  2. Well sounds like a really good weekend...also sounds like an expensive one! LOL
    Anyways glad you had a good time although you did miss our girls escape day!

  3. hmmmm prepare yard for winter... does that include hauling in the yard furniture and hammock? If so, check, I've done that :) Still have to move the smoker & grill if that's what the hubs wants to do, otherwise we did this a few weeks ago while we were killing time. Oh and we FINALLY got the pool shut down yesterday!

    Yey you got to check something off your 101 list this weekend and so did I. You'll have to find out, as soon as I get it written :)

  4. Wow, what a FUN weekend!! WHHHHHY do we not have beavertails in Minnesota?? Sounds like they would fit right in, and they look delicious! Are they like a cinnamon roll donut thingy? Love the picture of Ryan making fun of you for being sick ;-) Hope you had a great start to the week!!