Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hunting season...

During hunting season if Ryan and I are going anywhere we have to take the back roads, just in case he might see a deer.

During hunting season we can't go anywhere without this thing.

During hunting season camo is part of Ryan's daily attire.

During hunting season I usually have the house, couch and T.V to myself......

Hunting season isn't so bad at all! :-)



  1. Totally agree...except we always take the back roads in case we see deer - we start driving around in September at the same time almost every night just to go and see where the deer are - which usually is NO WHERE near the camp!

  2. haha! That's about the truth! Love the first picture btw! My ex wouldn't go anywhere without his gun in the front seat. I wasn't raised up around that (my dad doesn't hunt) so that took some getting used to! Right now all my husband's guns are still at his mom's. They haven't made it to the house with the move, yet :) She's ready for them to leave :)

  3. I COMPLETELY agree! Ryan leaves tomorrow for a week and I can't wait to have the bed, remote and fridge to myself. Soooo exciting. :)