Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy It's Monday!

Yes, you read that title right....I am actually happy that it is Monday! It's not that I didn't have a great weekend. I did, it was a very eventful weekend full of activities, however I never really got any sleep! I am looking forward to being on my normal schedule.

First here is your dare this week:

Dare # 57

Make a list of stuff you still need to get before Christmas. It is less then a month away! Woo hoo!

As I had said above, I had a very eventful weekend. It all started on Friday afternoon when I got to leave work early! Woo hoo!!

I laid down for a while to rest but then was feeling too productive so I decided to run around the house putting stuff away. I quickly got ready for the Christmas party and headed to town.

We had a great Christmas party!! The food was awesome, the gift exchange was super fun with lots of stealing! It was a perfect way to end the busy work season. Now, that it is so quiet at the farm, it really feels like winter is here, and Christmas is around the corner!

Frank with his 10 year plaque.

Saturday morning I woke up early to do some baking and cleaning. Dad came over for breakfast and started to paint my bathroom, I know, I have the BEST dad! Tucker kept getting in his way.....ha ha

Saturday afternoon some amazing ladies came over to do a Christmas craft hosted by Sharon and Josee! The craft turned out great! I made a centre piece and a wreath! (Post to follow)

Later on Saturday afternoon, I went to Ryan's parents to see his aunt, uncle, and cousins who were visiting from North Bay. All the ladies on Ryan's side participated in a Christmas cookie exchange. We all exchanged goodies that evening and I ended up staying for a delicious supper.

It was a good thing I did have that supper because it gave me lots of energy for a busy work night ahead. There were three parties at work that night so I was mixing up drinks for almost 6 hours straight, with no break! It was worth it though because for one of the parties they were selling raffle tickets and I won a prize!! I won a snowmobile rental for a day which Ryan was SUPER excited about. ha ha!

I woke up early Sunday morning and headed to church with my family. As much as I enjoyed church, I probably should have stayed in bed because I suffered for the rest of the afternoon. I was so tired!

I fought through falling asleep and managed to (help) get the lights up on the house and decorations on the inside. (Dare #56 completed)

Later that night Ryan and I had friends, Evan and Josee over for supper. It was great visiting and celebrating their pregnancy! We even got a quick game of Yahtzee in!!

Tucker is a big fan of Evan :-)

I was SO ready for bed last night but I did feel like I got LOTS accomplished over the weekend.

How was your weekend? What did you do?



  1. I love the picture of the pup asleep on your dad's hip :)... Super Cute!

    My weekend was long because we got Thurs & Fri off from work for Thanksgiving! Now I think I need a day to recoop from my weekend! Sounds like you could use that too :) Friday night it was funny b/c I was sitting in a loud restaurant and my aunt ordered a mixed drink and it popped into my head and I wondered if you had to work this weekend or not... LOL...

  2. I am glad you were at church, Lindsay as it was lovely to see your whole family there. I appreciated your help with communion, you are such a pro! That picture of Tucker and your Dad is the best ever!!! Hope you caught up on sleep. You are such a hard worker, I admire you. Have a great week everyone at Mountainview.

  3. Thank you Nancy I was happy to participate in communion!!

    Ryan and I watched a Harry Potter movie last night but fell asleep for some of it! Since the snow, I don't have to get up till 6:30 now for work! It's great having the extra hour sleep!

    Hope you have a great week as well!


  4. Hahaha, you're always happy that it's Monday!! Sounds like you had a very busy but fun weekend!!

  5. looks like you had a fun weekend! love the doggie... so adorable!