Monday, November 15, 2010

Dare #55 and Monday's Suck!

I would like to apologize in advance. For the next two weeks there will never be a point that I won't say that I am not busy because well I'M STINKIN' busy! It is nice though to have a blog to reflect on and take a small break from life's hectic-ness.

No matter how stressful the work week gets I know that I can make the most of the weekends, and I intend to, and have been!

Dare # 55

Tell me about your favorite family Christmas tradition.

Mine is going to Christmas eve service, coming home to yummy snacks, opening one Christmas present (usually from Grandma) and then Dad reading, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" before heading to bed. Great times.

Friday night I got home pretty late from work but got right down to business making supper and getting the house set up for my upcoming craft night with some close girlfriends! We had a great time making the craft and chatting! Sometimes I just think it is so amazing that we all never run out of things to talk about...haha!

The craft was super successful and can't wait to share it with you later.

Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready for the day. It was my Dad's birthday on Saturday and I made him this card in the morning.

Afterwards, Ryan and I met my parents and took them out for a birthday lunch at St.Hubert's, a restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken, yum!

After stuffing our faces Ryan and I took my parents for Dad's second birthday stop. The War Museum. I know what your thinking..."Wow, how exciting (in a sarcastic tone) spending the day looking at war stuff." But seriously it was awesome. Since the new museum opened in Ottawa none of us had seen it. My dad is a HUGE war buff so he was so surprised and excited! See....

We spend the next three hours walking around the museum and only got half way through it. We're totally those annoying, slow people who have to read every sign in the museum, don't hate! :-)

We were all ready to go home for a relaxing evening. Ryan was going to the hunt camp and I was heading into a slow evening at work.

Sunday morning was church and then another trip to the city. Last week, Ryan heard an advertisement on the radio. It said, this past weekend only, if you brought your old (energy sucking) Christmas lights into Home Depot they would give you your new LED Christmas lights at 50% off! SWEET! We handed in 10 strings of old lights and got brand new, energy efficient lights, ready to be hung! Woo Hoo! Great Deal!

We the hopped over to Lonestar for some yummy Fajitas for lunch! Mmm...

Sunday afternoon we put on the movie, The Good Sheppard, starting Matt Damon.

There were some really good actors in the film but it lacked some direction. It just left you with a disappointed feeling a the end of the movie, would not recommend.

Overall, it really was a great weekend full of activity, visiting and rest....perfect in my books!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sorry you're unbelievably busy :-( I'd like to say that it will slow down... but with the holidays coming up, it just might be busier!!

    Looks like a FUN weekend-- love the photos at the museum. I remember liking "The Good Shepard"... but don't remember the specifics.

    Thanks for the giveaway words :-) I enjoy your blog just as much!!

  2. Things will probably slow down in January ;). That's when I always notice a slowdown :)

    Fave Holiday tradition... um... with my mom's side of the family, we are all just a bunch of big kids. We open presents first, then eat and are so excited to play with/try on our new things that we eat fast and get back to the presents.

    On my dad's side of the family, our tradition is to go to grandma's house, open presents and throw paper at each other... LOL