Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby W–16 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 17 weeks, 5 days.

16 weeks 6

This Week:

A bump seems to have appeared overnight and does not go away anymore! In passed weeks, the bump would be non-existent in the morning but out in the evenings. Now, it’s 24 hour bump! It looks more like a beer gut then a baby bump but that’s the good thing about a small town, everyone knows you are pregnant  so they know you aren’t just eating too much cake! Smile 

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of an avocado! The doctor can hear the heartbeat with a Doppler with no problems and on an empty bladder! Baby is now growing lashes and eye brows. Baby is listening to my voice now and Ryan keeps reminding me to watch what I say! ha ha!

Maternity Clothes:

Yes! Still wearing most of my regular shirts and even some pants but Ryan spoiled me with a shopping trip! The whole trip we looked at baby stuff and I bought some essential maternity things! I am now in black maternity pants for work some days. I still have one pair of work pants that I can button but in the afternoons it’s so uncomfortable. I also wore maternity skinny jeans on Sunday! Again, so much more comfortable! When things are tight and digging in you feel like a stuffed sausage. With maternity wear, you are far more comfortable as you feel like things fit you again!

Stretch Marks/Weight:

I am a hungry person this week and it reflects! Up 2 pounds from last week so at –10 since the beginning of the pregnancy.

Discovered 1 tiny little stretch mark on one of my boobs at 15 weeks 3 days but that wasn’t surprising as the girls have been growing steadily. It might be an old one that is reappearing now but either way I am not too concerned.


I am being so careful to try to pay attention so that if something does happen I will notice it. I have yet to feel flutters or bubbles yet. Hoping soon but I know that some people don’t feel anything until closer to 20 weeks!

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Still not loving anything tomato related as I discovered with pizza over the weekend. Also still not liking most meat, especially chicken. Strong smells in general make my tummy turn.

But, loving lots of things! Especially cold items like cereal, yogurt, fruit, and raw veggies with dip!


Still tired a lot as my work day still begins around 5-5:30 AM. I think once I start on winter hours (starting at 7) I will start to feel a bit better. On the long days that I work all day and then go out till about 8:30 PM campaigning, I feel nauseous. But, I think that being over tired causes the nausea.

The most exciting symptom is the ever growing belly. Day in and out I can’t help but look in the mirror at my changing figure.

What I Miss:

Now that I am in maternity clothes I feel as though I have a wardrobe to work with again! The only thing I am missing is sleep but that is coming as winter approaches!

Labour Signs:

Heck no!


No idea but according to this Chinese gender predictor that takes the mother’s age at conception and the month that we conceived, it’s a girl.

Belly Button In or Out:


Wedding Rings On or Off:


What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Looking forward to the coming weekend actually. It’s elections here in our municipality and I am at the point where I feel as though I have done all I can do, I just want the vote to happen.

I am also looking forward to Halloween! I love having kids come by the house in their costumes and handing out special treats that we have put together. Ryan and I are also carving our last pumpkin together as a family of two!

Daddy This Week:

Spoiled your Momma with some new maternity clothes! Major brownie points!

Daddy also showed how exceptional he can be on Sunday. After hockey he joined me to vote in municipal and provincial elections. I then had to meet a family about my campaign but I assured him I would be back in less then an hour to cook the potatoes for the harvest supper. The visit ended up being extra long and I rushed home only to find Ryan had cooked, mashed and had the potatoes all ready to head to the supper. He then helped serve at the supper as well for a little while before heading home to get laundry done. He is so amazing and has been so good at being my support throughout the election process. 

I also sent Daddy this picture as a joke saying, “This will be you one Halloween if we have a daughter.”

16 weeks 9

He replied, “Yes, probably.” His response made my heart melt because that is SO Ryan. He would dress up and have tea with his daughter if that’s what she liked. My manly man is such a softy.


Get some sleep, you’ll feel better!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Wearing maternity clothes was definitely a highlight for sure! Also, wearing my special Halloween “costume”!


I also got a special package in the mail. It looked like a belated birthday gift with all the pretty wrapping but when I opened it I discovered a super sweet present for Baby W! Ryan’s cousin Michelle, her husband Dean and their girls mailed us 2 special books. These books Michelle and Dean enjoyed reading to their girls and sent the books to us for Baby W! I started reading them in the office, big mistake! This hormonal preggo had tears streaming down my eyes right in the middle of work. It was so thoughtful and we can’t wait to read them to baby when he/she is here!

16 weeks 7

16 weeks 8



  1. Umm... can I borrow your food aversions for a couple weeks? I think my bottom would thank you. And probably my doctor at weigh in time. Haha. Love the bump! It is so strange to get used to though!

  2. I'm predicting girl.. your food craving/aversions are similar to mine with both girls :D

  3. Love those books! And your Halloween shirt!! My Chinese gender chart says girl too but the Mayan one says boy? Lol

  4. Both of those books are amazing!!!! I was about 15 weeks when I finally popped and 19 weeks when I felt baby move for the first time so you seem right on track :) looking good!!!!!

  5. I've heard whatever the mom thinks, usually she's right... so you better be predicting and then see if you're right... lol :)

  6. I am crossing my fingers for girl! (I like girls, I collect 'em ;) )I am glad you guys liked the books. I got a message from Ryan today too, but my phone died. I will text him back ASAP. Love you both xo Michelle

  7. I can never get through Love You Forever without blubbering! I love your maternity shirt....cutest halloween costume ever!