Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Blogger Swap Link Up



Hello again lovies! I hope everyone’s Friday is FLYING by!

I know, 2 posts in one day…what the heck? But it’s very important! Today I wanted to link up with K, Britt, Megan and Laura for the blogger fall swap they hosted!

Back in October I noticed that some of my favourite bloggers were hosting a Fall swap! I immediately went to try and sign up but unfortunately it was open to US residents only….bummer! 

Once the sign up time was over my good friend K from Down at Fraggle Rock sent me an email saying they were one person short! She asked if I would still be interested and if I was, she would be my partner!!

Well it took me all of about 3 seconds before I responded, “YES!!”

Not only was I so excited to be included in the Fall Blog Swap but I was able to send something to one of my dearest blogging buddies! K and I got to know each other when we were both planning our weddings! We stayed in close contact the whole time and even afterwards. She was and continues to be someone who I can openly talk to about any life concerns.

What’s even more special is now we are going through another huge life milestone together. We are both expecting our first babies and only about a month apart! It was fate that introduced us via this crazy blogging world but now I can seriously call her real life friend!

K sent me the sweetest package! I was SO excited to receive it in the mail and I was so touched by her awesome note!

blog swap

Inside K included a super soft scarf (which I wore all last weekend!), a delicious smelling candle and an awesome tumbler (girl knows I am LOVING the water these days!)! But, my most favourite part of the package was what she included for Baby W! “I Love You Through and Through” is a sweet baby book that brought me to tears as I read it! I cannot wait to read it to Baby W and tell baby that it came from its future bestie/boyfriend!

Thank you so much K for the awesome package! You are so thoughtful and I have loved getting to know you!



  1. I almost kept the sweater. And the candle. And the cup. I'm the worst. Haha. Glad you liked it!

  2. awww,what a great swap partner!!

    cute blog :)

  3. That book is awesome! I love the scarf too!

  4. You both gave each other such cute things! I love that you both included something for the babies... how adorable!!! So glad you were able to join the swap!!! <3, Amy

  5. K is pretty awesome! Awesome package! Glad you go to participate!