Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend of Celebrating!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend passed by so slowly! Our internet sucks here. There is nothing more annoying then having a blog post already to publish only to realize that you can’t because the internet has gone down! AH! That is what happened to me on Friday (and probably will today too!). Life in a small town…

Either way, I want to write down and remember this past weekend! It was full of activity!

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I am now 20 weeks pregnant…half way there! To a lot of preggers, that is a big milestone! Ryan and I left work early to run a couple of errands before picking up my parents at the airport. We decided (ok, it was me who decided because I had been craving cactus cut potatoes) to grab lunch at Boston Pizza! When the waitress asked for our drink orders I ordered my usual and Ryan got a beer. I told him to get the larger size as celebration for being 20 weeks! He liked that kind of celebration! Smile 

stag 4

Saturday morning Ryan had to work at 2 AM but then arrived home around 5 AM and slept. I woke up around 6 and while Ryan slept, I got to work on some things for the upcoming party that night! While I was working away in front of the TV, Tucker was snuggled in close to the fireplace with his lobster. It was the first time I had turned it on this fall/winter.

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When Ryan finally woke up we got dressed and headed to the nearest town for some last minute party supplies and breakfast! We quickly headed back home and got to work on some last minute food prep. After the afternoon of resting, we were ready to party. Ryan is the best man in Luc and Lisa’s wedding for this coming January. There was a great group of people who braved the weather to head out to celebrate this couple and their upcoming nuptials.

stag 7

The night literally flew by! It was great to visit with so many of our closest friends! It was only the last hour that really dragged on when there was hardly anyone left in the bar and I was ready to head home. After driving the bride and groom back home at the end of the night we were finally home and ready for bed by 3 AM…yikes! Let’s just say that it was not easy getting out of bed the next day! I actually felt hung over except I never (obviously) had even a sip of any alcohol.

I spent the morning relaxing and joined Ryan for lunch at my parents house. We headed home in the early afternoon and I felt as though I needed to be productive, even though it was the last thing I wanted to do. 

So, Ryan and I hauled out all of our Christmas storage boxes! Slowly we puttered away and putting out garland, trees and a few smaller decorations. We still have both tree’s to actually decorate and a couple more boxes of stuff to set out but it was a good start!

stag 1

That night I made some homemade soup and bread for supper. It had been a super chilly weekend and nothing warms the soul like homemade soup!

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We cuddled in with our supper in front of the T.V for the Grey Cup (Canadians equivalent to Super Bowl) but then went to bed super early as we were both falling asleep on our chairs.

stag 3

It was such a busy weekend with lots of running around and not a lot of sleep. I am sure it’s going to take us another good night’s sleep to catch up but so worth it as we had a blast all weekend long!

How was your weekend?


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  1. I find that if I don't get enough sleep I wake up feeling hungover too. It's totally not fair! I'm so jealous of Ryan's beer! Haha