Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend was great! I know mine was! A relatively quiet weekend…a first for a long time!

The weekend started off with a change of plans! Originally, Ryan and I were going to have a visit with a new baby in the family and then join friends for supper. I got a text from Ryan later Friday afternoon saying that he would be home later then expected. So our night out of the house ended up being a quiet night at home. By the time Ryan got home, parked the truck and took a shower, it was time for a later supper and relaxing. We decided to rent a movie off the TV. Ryan picked White House Down which I was a little sceptical about. But, it ended up being a pretty good movie! We both enjoyed it (RARE!).

Saturday morning Ryan was up early to head out to hunt and I laid awake in bed until about 7. Finally, I got up and got ready for the day! The first stop of the day was a craft and bake sale being held in the Elementary School in town. I have a lot of fond memories in this tiny school since it was where I attended! I was able to score some yummy baked goods before heading home.

When I got home, Ryan was all ready and waiting for me at the door. We decided since this was a nice quiet weekend, we would do our November date! We knew that things would start to get busy at the end of the month leading into December! We ended up having a great date…but more on that another time! Smile 

Just as we were leaving the city it had started snowing! We looked at each other and knew immediately what that meant! All year around our lives revolve around the weather but more so in the winter. Both of our phones started going off like crazy and when we got home Ryan had just enough time to change his clothes before hopping in a truck and heading back to the city for the night.

It was a quiet night for me at home alone. Ryan had to spend the night in the city watching the snow because it was cold enough to accumulate. I decided to catch up on some laundry and watch TV. I couldn’t believe it when I turned the channel to one of my favourite movie stations….they were playing Christmas movies all night!

Part of me was saying , “change the channel, it was too early for Christmas movies”. But, a bigger part of me is wrapped up in the excitement of Christmas this year! So, I watched a Christmas movie! I know some people would be shaking their heads and saying that it was too early. That I should have waited until after Remembrance Day. But, on a quiet Saturday night I was so content snuggled in at home watching this cheery Christmas flick.

Does it make it any better that it was a Hallmark Christmas movie that very little people have heard of?

Sunday morning it was off to church and then back to my parents for a visit before heading to the Cenotaph service in town. It was a cold and miserable day to be standing outside for the service but it is something I feel inclined to do every year. I have a couple of relatives that get wreaths laid in their honour for their service to the war and I always like to be there to watch in Remembrance of their sacrifice.

It was a quiet night at home that evening as Ryan was exhausted from his night shift at work in the snow. It was early bed for us both to start another (hopefully one of the last!) busy week at work!

How was your weekend?



  1. You guys have snow already? There's talk of us getting some this week, but who knows how much. I'm hoping for a super snowy Winter. It will mean being locked in my house, but it will also mean more money for us, which is always good. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. Ooooh White House Down was fun! I mean, just the Channing makes it all worthwhile! ;)

    Can't wait to start watching the Hallmark Christmas movies!! eeeee!!!

  3. I watched a christmas movie yesterday - The Christmas it!

  4. What does Ryan do that he had to be on alert and ready for the snow? My weekend was good...quiet but it was exactly what I needed. We watched a lot of Scandal and did some shopping