Friday, November 8, 2013

Year of Dates– October


OH HAPPY, HAPPY DAY! Happy Friday! It’s amazing how ones mood is instantly more happy on a Friday! I just look forward to the fact that I’ll get a couple extra hours of sleep over the next couple of days! Woo hoo!

Now that we are well into November (Ya, I don’t know how that happened either!) I figured I should update you all on how our year of dates is going. So far, we haven’t missed a month yet! Some dates had to be slightly altered but the point is that we took some time out every month to be with each other. No interruptions, just me and Ryan…one on one! This month was no different.

October was Ryan’s turn to plan. We had agreed that the months (March and October) were there were birthdays, we would spend a little bit more money and it would be our gift. My man really did a great job of planning something he knew I had always wanted to do. The only problem was that with elections, my birthday and thanksgiving all rolled into the month of October. Which meant Ryan’s date couldn’t happen 100% how he/we had wanted.

october date

Forgot to take a picture of the date planned but it was to head down to the States for a weekend of shopping!

A weekend away to anywhere would have been wonderful this time of year. A break from the norm was just what we needed but it wasn’t possible. But, we still wanted to celebrate my birthday somehow and Ryan wanted to take me shopping. We decided a full day in the city (lunch included) was the new plan. The part that made the date so special for me was that I got to plan ALL of the stops! No complaints or suggestions from Ryan. Seems cruel but Ryan wanted it to be my day. He was very good at smiling and biting his tongue as I told him all my plans for our day!

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to shop for. Being that I was well into my second trimester during our shopping trip I knew it was safe to start looking at baby stuff. It was more for fun then to actually purchase anything. I also knew that my pants had a short shelf life. They were getting more and more tight by the day. I needed to make some new wardrobe purchases.

When it came to maternity clothes I knew I wanted to be just as frugal as my everyday life. In fact, maybe more. I knew that the clothes had a short time period in my life and I wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on these items. The other thing? In my field of work, I wear a uniform. All I needed was a black shirt and a black pair of pants and that would cover my Monday to Friday clothing options. But, I am occasionally out in public for Church and other events and I would like to look somewhat presentable.

I wanted to be able to use as much of my current wardrobe as possible. Being pregnant in the winter gave me lots of sweaters and cardigans that will work for the bump. But, I needed some stables to mix and match. I ran to the internet to get a few outfit inspirations.

This look did not make me list…

But, these ones did! I loved how these Momma’s-to-be used layering pieces from their current pre-baby closets!

Baby Bump Tracker: 35 Weeks (twins)

Ok this girl is CLEARLY not pregnant but again, love the layers!

mat style 2


So, that’s what my plan was! A couple pairs of jeans/pants (2 pairs of jeans which I found at Value Village for $5 each!), some layering tanks/shirts and leggings! That was it. I am confident that I don’t need that much. I believe with a few basics and some open cardigans I can make it through this pregnancy without spending a small fortune!

With my list in hand, Ryan and I hit the road to Ottawa at 7 AM. We stopped for breakfast at McDonalds (because we are fancy like that) and then made our way over to our first stop, Target.

I had been to Target before in the States and was hoping our Canadian versions would be as good. I have to say I was very disappointed. Not very well stocked at all! I had hopes that their maternity section would be as good as the Targets in the U.S but unfortunately it was one small rack of t-shirts. 

16 weeks 1

Needless to say it was a quick trip to Target but we did see a crib there that we liked and will probably go back for at some point!

Our next stop was Old Navy. Thankfully most Old Navy’s in Canada now have a great selection of Maternity clothes! The one we visited in Ottawa was no different! I grabbed some great staples here and tried on a mountain of stuff! I came home with skinny jeans, 1 sweater, 2 tank tops and couple regular (aka non-maternity) blousy shirts from Old Navy!

All that trying on of clothes was starting to make me tried so I quickly told Ryan to make a stop at the local mall. He was so confused. This wasn’t on my list and he knows I am not one to detour from a plan! But, I knew of this great little salon that always has openings! Ryan realized immediately what was happening. Ryan got some time in to shop for a new hockey stick while I got a glorious pedicure!

16 weeks 2

After tragically dropping and breaking my good Canon camera, we stopped in to look and purchase a new one! Thankfully, that day Future Shop was having a GREAT sale on last years stock of camera’s and we got a great camera for almost half off!

My last stop was Thyme Maternity. I was a little hesitant for this store. While I knew their selection would be great, I also knew that I would get sticker shock at the prices. I have to admit I was very excited to walk into a store that I didn’t have to go searching for the maternity section! The selection was endless! But, as I had suspected the prices were high. I grabbed a few basics and headed to the change room. As I was trying things on I started feeling so happy and confident. I think it’s because I was no longer trying on clothes that I wasn’t sure would fit me. It was clothes that were now meant to fit my new body. And I have to admit, the price justified the quality! I purchased my black work pants, black leggings and 3 basic shirts there. We must have had luck on our side that morning because a sale had brought my total bill to 50% off! We saved so much money on these expensive basics. 

Shopping is hard work and I was SO ready for lunch by the end of this store. Being as it was MY day, I got to chose anywhere I wanted to eat. Ryan is a fairly picky eater and usually we end up at the same restaurant. BUT not on this date! I chose a family (and personal) favourite, Swiss Chalet!

I have great memories of eating at Swiss Chalet as a kid. It’s where my parents always took my brother and I for our birthdays. Just like when I was a kid, I ordered my Shirley Temple to drink and ribs for lunch! Ryan doesn’t like Swiss Chalet but he ate there happily because he knew how much I enjoy it! I left a very full and content preggers!

I was happy to be heading home early afternoon to spend some time with my new purchases! I have taken over one of the spare bedrooms as sort of my “maternity closet”.  

16 weeks 4

Ryan and I were both sad that we didn’t get to have our weekend away together. Other obligations and responsibilities had us staying close to home. Many people I spoke to were surprised that I was taking a whole Saturday off from campaigning before the big election. It was a great opportunity to knock on people’s door and see them. But I would answer those people very honestly and openly saying; my husband is (and always will be) more important. I love this community but my family (husband and child(ren) included) will always be what comes first in my life.

The month of October was very busy for us with work, elections and regular life. We hardly spent any time together and it was important for us to spend at least a few hours just being husband and wife. We had a great time just holding hands and chatting with the 2 hours of travel time we had to and from the city. We got to talk and dream about Baby W and all that is to happen in the next few months. It gave us both an opportunity to stop, stand back and reconnect. Sometimes life flies by you so quickly that it is hard to grasp on to what’s around you. October’s date was just what we needed!

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. AWww such a nice day. Sorry you didn't get to go away, but at least you guys got to spend the day together.

  2. all of those looks are adorable, and i saw in an earlier post you TOTALLY pull off the blouse and belt! :)