Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun Weekend With Little Plans! Christmas On The Brain!


Happy Monday everyone! I am super sad to see the weekend over. Honestly, I was a little too hopeful that more things would get done! There is always next weekend, right?

The weekend started out great with a girls night right across the road from my house. My sister-in-law was hosting a Usborne Book party. It was great to chat with some girls and I am very pleased to say that I have officially started my Christmas shopping!

Saturday morning Ryan and I hit the road and grabbed breakfast at Tim Hortons! We had 4 partly used gift cards that we were happy to use up! We ended up not paying a cent for breakfast!

We quickly got his hockey shakes sharpened and then headed to grab some fresh groceries for the week!

After resting for a little bit and having lunch, we decided to hit the road again to head to Shawville for a hockey game. First, we decided to stop in and say “Hi” to the newest member of the family (Ryan’s side). Beautiful Sophie was born in October and is the sweetest thing! I got to have lots of cuddles and had a great visit with Mommy! 

nov 17 1

It was hard handing Sophie back over but Ryan and I had to get to the rink to watch a very special guys hockey game! Brodee was a great little skater and the whole team was so fun to watch! They were so little and so cute skating up and down the ice! Brodee even scored a goal and we were so excited to be there to watch it! His huge smile after his goal was priceless!

Nov 17 2

We chatted with Brodee and his Mom Kerry for a while before heading back home to rest up for a fun evening ahead. Friends Amanda and Josh had invited us over for a supper and games night! They made sure that we also brought Tuck along so that their puppy Scooter had a play date! Tucker loves car rides but when we were driving through town he had to get right up to look out the window at all the cars and people! He was so nosey!

Nov 17 3

We had a delicious meal (and dessert!). I had even brought a little non-alcoholic champagne to enjoy! We settled in for a few rounds of domino’s, which I am happy to report that I WON! Woo hoo! It was so much fun sitting around laughing and playing Domino’s with two of our best friends.

Right before supper Amanda had brought out this large gift bag and handed it to me. I was a little confused as it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas time yet! When I opened the bag and reached in I could feel the softest material ever! Amanda and Josh had found this neutral plush and blanket set and bought it for Baby W! I was so excited and touched by their thoughtfulness! Baby W is already SO spoiled!

Nov 17 4

I especially loved the tag! It’s sometimes still not a reality that this is happening…That Ryan and I are having a baby! It’s like it’s a dream!

nov 17 5

Sunday Ryan headed off to hockey and I headed to church. After church Jill and her Mom came over for coffee so that we could discuss a couple things involving church fundraisers! You may remember last year Ryan and I had our home on the Christmas House Tour. This is an amazing night where all of the proceeds go to our church. This year we have 5 new stops and I am pretty excited to actually be able to go house-to-house this year!

I settled in for the afternoon with a mountain of laundry that I wanted to get done. Luckily, on T.V there is a great movie station that has been playing non-stop Christmas movies on the weekends! During commercials I would get up and run around getting stuff done and then settle back into the couch until the next commercial! It was a great afternoon of relaxing but also getting things done (or at least whatever I could get done during the commercials!). I had hoped that we could get our Christmas lights hung up outside but it was a yucky rainy day! Here’s hoping we can get it done next weekend before snow flies!

How was your weekend?



  1. I think I watched that movie this weekend. I wonder if we got it ahead of time! I did the exact same thing all weekend. Did chores in between commercials and based on what was on TV. Haha

  2. I love the blanket and elephant, so adorable!!!!!!

  3. What a sweet gift!! That movie looks good, I don't think we get. That channel!! :( sounds like a fund weekend!!

  4. I really need to find this mystery Christmas movie channel lol! I'm SO READY for Christmas movies!!!! Little Women was a perfect start last night :)