Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Year of Dates - May


I have sad news…while I loved what was planned for our May date, I have to say that in 1 year and 5 months, this was our first date where we


Yes, you read that correctly…I am sad to say that this was the first time since we began our dates that we were not able to complete a date within the month that it was planned. We were close! We had great plans to have this done for the last weekend of May and certain circumstances arose that prevented us from doing it. We actually even had it mostly done in May but it wasn’t completed until June 2…SO CLOSE! But, I figured I would share what we did with you all anyways! 

may date 8

Wow, that’s a horrible picture! Ha ha! It says, “It’s hard to believe that it’s May…As I am writing this in December of last year I can feel our baby kicking me. It’s crazy to think that by the time we open this we will have our baby and hopefully starting to become adjusted to parenthood.

It’s hard to guess what our new life is like so to be safe I think it’s best if we stay at home together.

Let’s go through some cooking websites, books or magazines and together pick out a recipe that we have never tried!

Let’s go get the ingredients and make the meal together! We can sit down and enjoy our efforts and see if we like this new recipe! How about some homemade hot fudge sundaes for dessert?

As Lindsay is doing the dishes, Ryan needs to check out PPV movie selections! After he selects one, we will snuggle into bed together and try not to fall asleep during the movie! Smile


This is also our anniversary month! Happy 2nd Anniversary Love! I can’t imagine life without you! You are my best friend, my everything! xo”

may date 9

I have to give Ry credit, he dove in head first through some of my cookbooks to find a recipe! We marked the ones we thought looked interesting and finally decided on one from The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook!

may date 1

Of course Ryan and I are always budget conscious and this is a great recipe because it doesn’t have too many ingredients! It’s called Ranch Style Chicken!

Here are a few of the ingredients…(Yes I used regular mustard instead of Dijon! We both aren’t fans of Dijon!) 

may date 2

It was also SUPER easy and fast to make! 

may date 3

The sauce all ready to go! Looking kind of funky!

may date 4

We marinated our meat for 30 hours! Which I highly recommend because the meat was so juicy and SO flavourful!

may date 5

We fired up our BBQ and got to work! It was such a beautiful evening and we both enjoyed a couple drinks while we were waiting for it to cook!



We had planned on eating outside and even had the patio table all set up and then it started to rain! So last minute we moved everything inside! Talk about adding another hit to our ego…first we couldn’t complete the date in May and now we were getting rained out! haha!

may date 6

may date 7

I gotta tell ya, this was SO good! We just ate it with potatoes and some bread but it would be so good as a form of chicken burger as well! We enjoyed this recipe so much in fact that it is now found a permanent spot on our summer meal plan!

We did settle into bed afterwards with a movie but were unsuccessful about staying up! Ha ha!

I can’t lie, I am SO disappointment that we failed at completing this date in the month of May. The only thing that made me feel slightly better is that we did actually celebrate our anniversary by going out to a special dinner (Sam too) together so it feels like we did take special time out of the month to be with one another. But, we still didn’t do this date in the correct month. I remember the sense of disappointment as the date of June 1st rolled around and am now even more determined to not let it happen to the rest of our dates for the rest of the year!

Happy Friday!



  1. I have made that chicken before and it is so good!

  2. I think you guys have a pretty good excuse for not making your date. It's hard to do ANYTHING with a baby! The chicken looks delicious though!

  3. I think it's so awesome that your so dedicated to these dates. My Hubby and I seriously need to do this. With three kids (two of them small), time for us is almost zero!!!

  4. You and Ryan are smart to do this. Taking time out of the business of life to devote to your beloved keeps marriage strong, and romantic. <3 <3 Don't be hard on yourself.