Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby Shower and Celebrating A 97th Birthday


Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekends were great! Ours certainly was and it was so busy that it flew by! Blinked and now it’s over!

Ryan and I started off our weekend by doing our June date! There was no way we were going to miss this month! Ha ha! We also had to give Sam his bath on Friday. Bath time has sort of become Ryan’s time with Sam. I love to sit back and watch them interact. Seeing him hold that little naked bum melts my heart everytime!


Saturday morning Sam and I were off to work for our LAST Saturday work shift! Somehow knowing it was the last Saturday of the summer that I had to work made me less grumpy about waking up early on Saturday morning! Thankfully the morning passed quickly!

After work Sam and I picked up my Mom and we headed to the baby shower of cousin and long time friend Shannon. She and her husband Casey are expecting their baby girl in August! We can’t wait to meet her!


The hostess Stacy having a cuddle with Sam!


Sunday morning we all headed to church and then had a relaxing lunch at my parents before we packed up to head to a 97th birthday party for my Aunt Elaine! My Aunt Elaine was a very important figure in my life growing up and I was excited to celebrate this awesome lady! It was also her first time meeting Samuel!

Aunt Elains 97 (23)

Aunt Elains 97 (24)

Grandma with our newest little family member, Emily! Aunt Elaine with Sam! It amazes me how these wonderful ladies held and handled these babies like it was nothing! I guess you never lose that maternal instinct! P.S – Don’t I have amazing genes?

Aunt Elains 97 (35)

Cutting her birthday cake!

Aunt Elains 97 (27)

Dad meeting sweet baby Emily!

Aunt Elains 97 (31)

Sam meeting his cousins Matthew and Morgan!

I was especially looking forward to meeting my newest cousin Emily as well! My cousin Sheila and were pregnant at the same time and we both didn’t know what we were having! It has been great to go through my pregnancy with such an amazing girl! I look forward to seeing Sam and Emily interact at future family functions!


The first cousin selfie for these two!


It was a great afternoon with so many family members celebrating a wonderful woman! Sam got to meet many family members for the very first time.

When we got home we all got ready for bed and crashed after such a busy weekend! It passed by way too quickly but it was filled with so many great memories!

How was your weekend?



  1. Emily is adorable...her and Sam look the same age in Aunt Elaine and Grandma's arms! hah! Aunt Elaine looks GREAT for 97 let me tell ya!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I can't believe how big Sam looks!

  3. The two babies do look almost the same size in that picture! Very sweet! Glad you guys had such a great weekend :)

  4. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Longevity is a good thing to have :)

  5. It's no nice to have babies around the same age! Glad you have such great people around!