Friday, June 27, 2014

The Haircut That Never Was


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been wonderful! Honestly, this hasn’t been the best of weeks over here in Mommy-land! I think Sam might be going through his “3 month” growth spurt a week early. Unfortunately, it also landed on week where he was away from the house a lot as we were at a wake and funeral this week. I wish I could say that it went smoothly but in reality, it was a disaster! Sam and I were seated in the church for the funeral service and he instantly started crying! I ended up missing the whole thing as I was trying to soothe my poor growing boy.

I’ve noticed during this growth spurt that Sam is really starting to move and grab things with his hands. One of his most favorite things to grasp, especially while nursing…my hair! Ouch!

It had me thinking about the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I’m not one too spend a lot of money on my hair. I don’t color my hair so usually I only visit the hairdressers for a trim once every few months. I booked my hair appointment about 3 weeks before I was due to have the baby. I figured, one last trim before I have a baby as I wasn’t sure when I would be able to get there again.

Here’s the thing about pregnancy and hormones, it can make your mind wander and think crazy things. Maybe it was the extra time I had off or maybe it was the fact that my life was changing so drastically soon why not do the same with my hairstyle! I had decided I was going to chop off my hair!

For 2 days I looked up hairstyles and decided on a cute bob! I had pictures ready and printed for my appointment!

It wasn’t the first time I had cut my hair this length. A few years ago I decided to grow out my locks and donate it to Angel Hair which is a Canadian company that makes wigs for those in need. It was a huge change as I had never had hair that short in my life! But there was something so freeing about just making such a big change.

Haircut 011

Haircut 021

My hairdresser also happens to be a friend of mine and the good thing is that she is very honest with me when she thinks something wouldn’t look right. She saves me from having some disaster of a haircut. That day, 3 weeks before my due date, I waddled my large pregnant bum into her hair salon with my printout of hairstyles in my hand. Knowing the delegate condition I was in my hairdresser listened kindly as I explained I wanted to chop off my hair. She then proceeded to tell me that although I would look great with a shorter haircut, she was hoping to convince me to hold off till a few months after the baby.

At first I was taken aback and slightly insulted that she would even consider talking me out of my haircut. But I took her advice and we just did a trim.

Now? O…M…G am I ever thankful that I never cut my hair that day! I would have been SO annoyed if I couldn’t have pulled my hair out of my face during labour and delivery. On sleepless nights and restless days I couldn’t imagine having to put any effort into my hair! It’s nice to be able to throw it up and out of the way in a high bun or ponytail! My hair is the last thing that I even want to think about!


Now that the hormones have settled down (a little, ha ha!) I have seen the light and how silly it would have been to cut my hair! It would have been awful to deal with a short hairstyle that I actually had to put effort into blow drying. Now that Sam has starting grabbing at my hair I am even more glad to be able to put it up and out of his way. The idea of a shorter hairstyle is still on my mind but I am putting it off until we are fully in our grove and have a routine. In the meantime you’ll find me rocking the Mommy pony! Smile 

Happy Friday!



  1. I went through the same thing! I cancelled my last hair appointment before Jeanette was born because I didn't feel good. I went back about 6 weeks after she was born and told her to cut off all my hair but she said no! I am so thankful now because I can still throw it in a ponytail, which I've done all this week because I would rather sleep in than straighten my hair.

  2. Oh the hair pulling! It's our new favorite thing too. Only he likes to grab the part under my ponytail. So I have to take my hair down to get his sticky fingers untwined from my hair. Oh the joys!

  3. I love being able to just put my hair up. :)

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