Friday, June 13, 2014

A Few Things On Friday!


Happy Friday everyone! It is seriously the most perfect day to be a duck! It has been raining for almost 3 days straight! Things were looking a little dry around here and we were all glad to see a little rain!

My life lately revolves around baby but that’s just my life now! I am loving being a Mommy and I can already tell this will be one of the best summers of my life. I also wanted to share with you all some other things worth noting as of lately.

1. Before Sam was born I made a “Meals After Baby” plan which consisted of 6 weeks worth of dinners planned. Ryan and I took the big grocery trip and then I spent one whole day chopping and prepping the food! I’m not much of a freezer meal person but I wanted to go ahead and make life easy after baby by having the meat chopped/marinated/etc and all of the supper ingredients (aka: gravies, pasta noodles, rice and etc) available as well. That way, all we would need is fresh things to fill our fridge!

june 13 2

We didn’t touch this food until after Sam arrived and honestly, it worked out great! It made life so simple because everything was prepped all I had to do was cook it. The grocery items I’d need for the week made shopping with baby quick and easy!

This worked out so well that I did it again! Yesterday Sam and I loaded up the car with a massive grocery list and shopped for 6 weeks worth of food for the freezer! We now have about 2 months of meat prepped, labeled and ready! It was ALOT of work I am so looking forward to the ease that it will bring!

june 13 5

Ready to hit the road!

2. Now that I am over 2 months post baby my thoughts about post baby body are starting to surface. Around week 7 I tried working out everyday that week and had an unexpected surprise. One night I woke to feed Sam and as I was standing changing his bum, I peed myself! Wish I was joking…

I took a little break from the hard core workouts and focused more on what I was eating and light exercises. Thankfully a few weeks later I am able to control myself again (TMI?) ha ha! I am dying to try out my jogging stroller for actual running!

june 13 6

3. There is a big problem about this whole “watching what I eat” thing…these candies!

june 13

As a little “thank you” to the staff at the hospital where Sam was born, I had made up jars of candy with a small note of appreciation! They were super simple to make (mason jar, candy, ribbon and tag!) but everyone was delighted to have the nice token from us.

june 13 3

june 13 4

When I was making up the jars I had realized I had bought WAY too much candy but I just threw the leftovers in a bag and put it in the cupboard. 2 months later and I am STILL snacking on these treats! It is SO easy to just grab a one when I want a little something sweet which is like 50 times a day! Eek!

4. The one thing that I have been good at lately is reading a lot! I have started a new routine when I am nursing Sam. I use to do it in front of the T.V but I started to get sick of daytime TV. I began nursing him upstairs in the nursery in my comfy glider. To help pass the time I started reading on my Kindle. It’s a nice lightweight device to use to read and time flies by! The best part is that I can easily get lots of reading done which I love! I was able to quickly read our last book club selection!

5. Speaking of book club, tonight we have a meeting and I will be attending solo. I have to admit, I am slightly worried. Ryan is an excellent father but because it is our busy work season he hasn’t had a lot of time with Sam in the early evenings, when he happens to be at his most grumpy! He hasn’t even given Sam a bath by himself yet. Tonight, Ryan is on his own to bathe, feed and put Sam down to bed. I am SO looking forward to some snacks and girl time at book club but I’d be lying if I said I won’t be spending half the time checking my phone to make sure Ryan hasn’t texted me an S.O.S message!

june 13 7

Happy Friday!



  1. I find post pregnancy cravings worse! I actually feel like I have a chocolate addiction now - which I used to hate chocolate!! So I stopped buying it, but recently relapsed and now it's all I want again! Soo bad! I have 9 pounds to go till my pre-pregnancy weight and it's hard! I started back up my fitness pal and my fitbit haha.
    I need to start meal planning! I like your idea though. I'm hoping to get some lasagna for the freezer made today!

  2. Your freezer cooking is genius. I've been wanting to try it forever and just haven't braved up and done it yet. I imagine the prep is a LOT of work but the rewards are great!

    I'm sure Hubby will do fine with the baby. Us women sometimes underestimate the capabilities of our men. I know I do mine!

  3. You all looked great at church this morning, so I guess Ryan did pretty well solo parenting. That's a good way to build up his confidence as a Dad.