Wednesday, June 18, 2014

House Rules


Every household is different and with each home comes their own set of rules. I know as a kid we had some in our home. As Ryan and I have grown as a couple so has different traditions and house rules of our own. We have also recently talked about different things that we want to continue to do and start now that we have a child. Here are a few of ours!

Eating Dinner At The Table

Ok, I know this one is the same for a lot of people! But to me, this one is so important! As a kid growing up on a busy farm, it would usually just be my brother and I eating supper as our father would usually be working late and Mom would wait to eat with him. So, Jared and I were allowed to take our suppers downstairs and eat it in front of the television. While it was great as a kid to be able to do that, now as an adult I enjoy that time at the table with my husband. It’s something we started right away when we began eating together and will continue with Sam.


No Phones At The Table

Speaking of eating at the table, it’s easy to realize that we live in a world of technology. When Ryan and I first got our iPhones we were obsessed! We were looking at them all the time! It was so bad that there would be zero conversation at the table! One day we agreed that we would no longer keep our phones at the table and it has greatly improved our communication!

Dishes Are Done Right Away

There is not much more that bothers me then going to bed with dirty dishes! This one took Ryan a little getting use to but then he realized if we do it together, cleaning up after supper doesn’t take that long!

No Making The Bed On Sundays

If there is one house chore that Ryan hates it would be making the bed! 9 times out of 10 he complains while making the bed (we do it together and takes all of 30 seconds ha ha!) and always tries to get out of it! One Sunday morning as Ryan was trying to get out of making the bed he said “we shouldn’t make the bed because it’s Sunday”. I kind stopped and thought about it. I told him that if he agreed to never complain about making the bed any other day, we wouldn’t on Sundays. It stuck and now it’s a day that I look forward to as well. Later I also added on no laundry on Sundays either! I think it will be fun for kids to participate in this house rule as well!

Friday Night Pizza Night and Hopefully One Day Movie Night

This one you all have heard before, every Friday night we have pizza for supper! Growing up we always had spaghetti every Friday! We also considered Fridays to be our “Movie Night In Beechgrove” night! As a kid I always looked forward to Fridays knowing that we would get to rent a movie and have a treat while watching it together as a family. While Ryan and I rarely get a chance to have a movie every Friday, we do hope to reintroduce this tradition to our family.


Of course I could add on the normal, Mind Your Manners, No Hitting or Yelling, Pick Up After Yourself but these are just an example of some of the special rules things that we do in our household. What are some your house rules? 



  1. We need to be better about eating at the table, that used to be a house rule until Jeanette was born and we took to eating on the couch. We always make breakfast on Saturday mornings and there are no chores on Saturdays until after 11am :)

  2. We don't really have any house rules. Honestly, after work is a hot mess. Always has been. I hope that when Baby J is older we can start eating at the table and being a little more of a "family unit" at dinner time, but until then I think we are just going to be a mess! Haha.

  3. We never eat at the kitchen table and it's something I wish we would have done when we first got married and had kids. Your right, it's a great place for communication. Phones around here aren't a problem, I'm the only one that has one and I don't look at it often. I guess I'm just not a big technology person.

  4. We need to get better at eatting at the dining room table! I think when Noahs high chair comes in we will start! He still eats with us, but it will also help keep the dining room table clean!! Lol it seems to be the collect all since it's in the hub of the house! Great rules though!!!

  5. We have family dinner every Saturday night. Whoever is available comes, no phones unless Simon is on call. We say grace. I love you Sabbath rules. When we lived in a very Catholic part of Germany, our lease said we could not scrub the front step, wash our car, or hang laundry on Sundays. I loved it.