Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Samuel– 2 Months


Written June 03, 2014



At 6 1/2 weeks the CLSC nurse weighed you in at 12 lbs 7 oz and 27” long.

Daddy weighed you on the home scale today and you weighed 13 lbs 2 oz.


Still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes (onsies have to have an extender over them for cloth diapers). None of your 0-3 month P.J’s fit and you only wear 3-6 month jammies. I am starting to put you in some 3-6 month stuff but you have some growing to do in them before they fit properly.


Now that Sam is getting a little bigger he isn’t wearing PJ’s all day long and I will actually get him dressed for the day! I love the miniature little man stuff! It’s fun to pick out his outfit for the day.

Sam blew out of a couple size one diapers and right around the time he was 7 weeks we switched to size 2 diapers. One reason was because we didn’t want to buy a whole new pack of size ones that he may not go through!


The 6 week growth spurt was rough but after 3 nights of little sleep my boy was back on track to mostly sleeping through the night. Some nights he’ll have what I call a “dream feed”. He’ll wake up looking to eat and I’ll keep the lights off and feed him but within 3 minutes he is fast asleep again and doesn’t get up again till morning.

We have started to notice a more solid routine happening during the day. Sam will wake up at around 5-6 to eat and then go back down till 8-9 AM. Then he’s up for the rest of the morning and may take a small nap sometimes around 11. The afternoons are still kind of up in the air. Some days he’ll take a nice 2 hour afternoon nap and sometimes he won’t. 6-9 PM is always his most fussy time of day!


Still 100% supplied by me! My first breastfeeding goal was to make it to 6 weeks! When I passed that goal my newest one is to make it to 3 months! I am keeping my breastfeeding expectations low in case I come across a problem and then I won’t be disappointed. So for now, one goal at a time!


I am actually still enjoying breastfeeding. Pumping is a nice alternative and I have started to get a small stock in the freezer but I’d still much rather feed him myself. At the Canada Day Golf Tournament Sam got 2 bottles of Momma’s milk and he took them great but it was me who was super uncomfortable after missing out on 2 feedings. I tried pumping but it’s just not the same relief.


Sam so far doesn’t seem to have any more aversions to the food I eat! Thankfully, even spicy stuff is fine! He really is a great eater!


Sam’s eyes are still kind of dark but sometimes I wonder if they may stay these steel color. They don’t look either brown or blue sometimes.

Sam still has his dark hair and none has fallen out. The hair on the top of his head is starting to get longer and is super straight! It actually sticks straight up! I love rubbing his head because it is so soft with peach fuzz.


More people are definitely saying that Sam looks like me (or my Dad) but I still see Ryan! He has some of my features but I think he’ll end up looking like his Dad. I still see my brother when Sam smiles! There is something about his eyes that remind him of my brother.


Sam is a pretty content baby. He doesn’t even fuss if his diaper is dirty. He is even starting to like bath time!

Sam loves to sleep with his arms straight up in the air!


He LOVES his swing and so do I! ha ha!


He still loves to be warm even with the warm temperatures we have been getting. He doesn’t seem to mind being “over” hot!

Sam is starting to like looking around and interacting. He likes when I sing to him and when he plays on his back on his activity mat!


Nuk soothers! I have no idea what it is about this brand but it is still the only one you will take! The others you spit right out!



Still really not a fan of tummy time! But he wrestles so much to get off his tummy that he can almost roll over. But, you are getting better and stronger at tummy time even if you hate it!


He also doesn’t like getting in and out of his car seat! He also hates sitting in it for extended periods of time.

HATES getting his nails clipped! Screams bloody murder if I try to clip his toenails or fingernails!


First time at Gavan’s on May 6.


Helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary on May 12! Got kicked out of one restaurant because Sam was with us! Apparently they don’t allow kids!


May 11 was my very first mother’s day!


May 18 gave me a HUGE scare while we were visiting where Nana and Grandpa were camping! You started choking and wheezing on breast milk!

On May 19, Sam slept for the first time in his crib just for a nap! We are waiting to have him sleep in there all night till he’s older. But having him nap in his crib is so nice because I can watch him on his video monitor (even outside). We call it our Sam Cam! ha ha!


May 19 you and Auntie Jill had your first trip to The Keg!


Not such a fun milestone but on May 21 you went to the CLSC office for the first time to get weighed and got your first shots!


It was not fun and you ended up with a fever and then had to have your first task of Tylenol!

Daddy still doesn’t change a lot of diapers but on May 23 he volunteered to do this particular diaper change only to yell for help from Mommy because you had your first diaper blow out! I laughed and made him change you anyways! Ha ha!


May 24, first Canada Day Golf Tournament! He probably won’t be at another one till he’s older though! Ha ha!


I feel like this month of the month where I finally have my groove. I 100% feel like myself but like my new self. I am comfortable and confident in my new role as Mommy. I seem to be the only one to be able to predict when something is going to happen or understand what you need. There just isn’t anyone else that knows you as well as I do. And, I love it!


Sam and I are venturing out and doing more together. I don’t feel the need to stick as close to home anymore! I feel fairly confident now to run errands with Sam, even if that means multiple stops! I am getting REALLY good at backseat breastfeeding!

I always considered myself a good multitasker but now I think I have mastered it even more because I can balance looking after the needs of a baby and still get house hold stuff done! For a while I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day but I have now figured out what needs to be done and when to take those times to get things done!

I feel like Ryan and I have taken the “new parent” blinders off and have noticed each other again this month. It’s not that we had problems the first month but we were just so tired and so focused on the newness of the baby to see each other. This month we are more rested (ha ha) and are taking time to talk, hold hands and spend a few moments together sometimes when he is sleeping.

It was this month that I started to think about light exercise. I lost all my pregnancy weight last month but obviously I don’t look the same. I am still not really dieting as I don’t want my milk supply to suffer but I am starting to be conscious of the calories that I eat. I take some time every morning when he goes back to sleep to have a quick workout, shower, drink a coffee and play on the computer. It is this 1 and a half hour that I commit to myself that allows me to focus 100% for the rest of the day on baby, house, husband, work and etc. 



While Ryan is still obviously a natural it has been hard for him this month. His work schedule is all over the place! Sometimes he can go through a whole day without even seeing Sam or I at all! He feels like he is missing so much stuff. At least when he does get a moment with us, he focuses 100% on us!

When Ryan is around he tries to take bath duty! He wants to make it “his” time with Sam. I can already see the roles that Ryan and I will fall into as parents. He loves to play with Sam and interact with him! He is anxious for Sam to grow up so that he can crawl around and play with him!

When Ryan does get home from work it is all about Sam! I usually cook supper and Ryan spends that time trying to get Sam to smile for him! Ryan also loves to play on the floor with Sam on the play mat!

Ryan gave Sam a couple of bottles this month which was good practice for both boys! He is still really supportive about my breastfeeding and is a huge help when I have to feed him in public! He is very patient waiting for Sam to finish eating when we are somewhere and will take him to burp him while I re-cover myself up.

Ryan messages me EVERYDAY while at work to ask about Sam and myself. He always wants to know how we slept and how our day is going. He always says, “How is my boy doing today?”. If we have a doctors appointment (or CLSC) he can’t be there but always wants an update right away because he is thinking about us!

I love to see the pride in Ryan’s eyes as he talks to people about Sam. He never looks at me for answers because he always knows what is going on with Sam. From exactly how old he is, to how he slept the night before. He stays involved which I love about him as a father.


It truly is amazing how much you analyze and sometimes celebrate farts, poops and burps!

When Sam smiles at me and the look of recognition comes across his eyes when he sees me, my heart melts! I really think that he realizes that I am his mommy. Or at least he knows I’m the one that feeds him!


I love to hear Sam “talk”. The good thing is that he is not talking to more then just his sheep. Sometimes I think he is cooing just to hear his own voice.

This month Sam discovered he had a neck! When he realized that he could turn his own head he spent 5 minutes just going back and forth! It was entertaining to watch!

Baby snuggles are still my top 5! The only problem, Sam is starting to prefer sitting outward on me so that he can look around!


Took this picture for a FB mommy group. On the left Sam was 2 weeks old and on the right 8 weeks! How he has grown!


Thank goodness for a mosquito net otherwise I think my baby would be eaten alive! The bugs love his “new” blood!



Dear Sam,

Here we are celebrating you being on the outside for 2 months. Looking back, I tried to imagine what life would be like with you. While I knew it would be an adjustment, I never knew how much I would enjoy it. I never knew how much I would enjoy your company! I joked the other day that I don’t feel the need to “get away” from baby because I truly like being with you! I would hate to miss one smile or one new thing you may do.

These last two months we have both grown. You have grown physically and in so many other ways too. It’s like your eyes have opened up fully to the world around you. I can tell it’s going to be fun to watch you discover the world around you!

You are such an incredible little boy already and I thank God everyday that I get to be your mommy! My daily goal is to make your life as wonderful as possible! I work so hard everyday to make you smile and make sure you are happy. Seeing you smile makes me happy.

You are really noticing the world around you now and I love watching the discovery of this big place through your eyes. I will be there by your side to help guide you through the good and the bad that you may encounter.

Thank you for being my boy.

I love you!







  1. Yes, yes, and more yes. I completely agree with the "new parent groove" and noticing each other again. I felt like when he hit 8 weeks, I was coming out the other end of the tunnel! Glad you guys are doing so well! He is such a little cutie!!!

  2. The picture of you and him towards the bottom, I find he looks like Clark ???

  3. He is such a cute baby!!!! I can see both you and your husband in him for sure. I made it three months with breastfeeding and was pretty proud of myself for that. Once I returned to work full time, I couldn't produce enough and pumping became uncomfortable. Good for you for setting small goals!

    My daughter is a little over 4 months old and still in a lot of 0-3 month clothes, she's long and thin so she doesn't fill out a lot of her 3-6 and 6 month summer clothes yet. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem as it sounds like your son is long as well!

  4. What a lovely post, you and Ryan are rocking the parents role, and Sam is such a delight. I hope he smiles for me at the picnic, he always sleeps through church.

  5. Crazy that this boy is already 2 months old! I'm having fun watching Sam grow. He's such a cutie. :)