Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day Weekend 2014


Happy Monday! I hope that everyone’s weekend was as wonderful as ours! Now that I have a little one of my own Father’s day has a whole new meaning to me and to Ryan. Sam is so lucky to have such amazing men in his life and those influences deserved to be celebrated this weekend!

The weekend started out on Friday with a glorious thunder and lightening storm! There is not much that I love more then sitting on my rocking chair under the porch watching a storm roll in. I decided to take take Sam out with me so that he could watch his first storm with me!

fathers day 4

I fed Sam and then actually left home to go to book club! It was one of the longest periods without Sam and thankfully my group of friends at book club made it easy for me! Between the book discussion, yummy snacks and more chit chat, the evening flew by! By the time I got home Sam had been sleeping since I fed him at 6:30 and didn’t wake until 5 the next morning!

Oh and this was the book we were discussing!

Saturday morning all three of us were up early and hit the road! We had some breakfast at the restaurant in the next town and then attended a great car seat clinic! After the police checked our carseat and gave us the O.K, we headed to visit Sam’s Grandpa/Ry’s Dad to wish him a happy father’s day! Sam was REALLY grumpy so unfortunately we couldn’t stay long!

Picture taken from Eugene’s FB.

When we got home I tried to settle an upset Sam and Ryan got ready to go for a round of golf! When I asked him what he wanted to do for Father’s day he immediately said, “Golf!”

Sam and I had a quiet evening at home getting things ready for the next day and were in bed with a movie nice and early!

Sunday morning I set my alarm early so that I could get up while everyone else was asleep to make Ryan breakfast in bed!

fathers day 5

Ryan enjoyed breakfast and Sam slept away beside us in his playpen! Ryan went ahead a opened his fathers day gift! It was a new Bluejays shirt, hat and a matching sleeper for Sam and this special keepsake…

fathers day 6

We all got ready for church and of course I had to dress Sam in his “I Love Daddy shirt”!

fathers day 2

After church my Mom and I had decided that instead of taking the boys to a busy restaurant that we would make them something to eat at home! So, we fired up the BBQ and had hamburgers with all the fixings! It was a beautiful afternoon to be sitting by the pool just relaxing and sipping on some drinks!

fathers day 1

The sun was nice and warm and so was the pool so we decided to take a dip! We had bought Sam a special whale to swim in but we were hesitant to use it because he hates his baths so much! However, we wanted to take him for his first swim so we gave it a try and HE LOVED IT! He sat, relaxed and kicked his feet for over an hour in the pool! It’s the perfect little floaty for him too because of the shade! We are so happy he loved the pool and Ryan and I can’t wait to take him for more swims now!

fathers day 3

After such a busy day Sam was exhausted and fell hard into a deep sleep! Ryan and I took that opportunity to turn on a movie on Netflix and watch the whole thing without having to pause it!

It was a great weekend celebrating the special men in our lives and in Sam’s life! We are so blessed to have such good and strong men in his life that can help him grow into the wonderful man I hope he will be one day! I think Ryan really enjoyed his day being with Sam! Throughout the whole day he was the one to hold him the most and I could tell he was trying to soak up the memories of his first Father’s Day!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We spent Saturday with my husbands family and Sunday with my family. I got Andrew a mug wih pictures of Jeanette

  2. Glad Sam was such a good guy for you while you went out! John ALWAYS wakes up and then sleeps like crap. He's so sweet! Haha. I'm glad Sam liked the pool, that will make your Summer a million times easier. Where did you get his float?

  3. It was precious to recognize Ryan and Samuel's first Father's Day at church. What a great church family we have.