Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday School Picnic 2014


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Besides working on Saturday morning and a couple trips to shawville, the weekend consisted of getting ready for and having fun at our church Sunday school picnic!

Ryan and I had been wanting to host the Sunday school picnic for some time but with the pool renovation last year it wasn’t possible! This year we jumped at the chance and offered up our place! We feel as though we don’t use the pool a lot ourselves and we so enjoy watching it be used to it’s full potential.

Now, I could go on and on about how great the whole day was! Because, it was! But, a picture says a 1000 words so I figured they could do most of the talking and I’d fill in the blanks.

The service was held in our garage where it was shaded and a few degrees cooler!

sunday school picnic 2014 (3)

During the service all the children received some bubbles which they had fun blowing!

sunday school picnic 2014 (7)

Each Sunday school kid was also gifted a new book! A lot of them sat quietly for the rest of the service reading their new book. Even though Sam has yet to attend his first Sunday school class, he got a special prayer book as well!

sunday school picnic 2014 (8)

After the service the BBQ got fired up and all the yummy food was set out! I don’t know any better cooks then those in our church! The food is ALWAYS amazing!

This year we brought back the Secret Pal program in the church. The kids and adults that wanted to take part were secretly paired up. The kids didn’t know who their secret pals were and throughout the year they would give and receive specials notes and tokens. Yesterday is was finally time to reveal our identities. The kids lined up and first tried to guess who their pal was!

It was fun to see the children’s surprised reaction. The kids gifted their secret pals a gift and watching their excitement to give the last token to their secret pal was awesome to see! The adults also gave their pal one last gift as well!

sunday school picnic 2014 (15)

Ryan and I both participated! My secret name was Tulip and Ryan’s was Quasi!

Me and my secret pal “Pumpkin”.

sunday school picnic 2014 (50)

Ryan and his secret pal “Tom”.

sunday school picnic 2014 (38)

Of course Sam wasn’t around when the program began and would be too small to understand it. But it turned out that yesterday he did have a secret pal of his own! He got some adorable little clothes! Ryan and I were so surprised to see Sam receive his own book and secret pal gift! We weren’t expecting our little guy to get anything as he is still too little to be involved in Sunday school but it shows how generous and thoughtful the people in his life are! 

sunday school picnic 2014 (65)

It was a relaxing afternoon and I have to say sometimes, I didn’t even know where Sam was! Ha ha! While Ryan and I ate, ran around and relaxed Sam got passed around to have snuggles and visits with various church family members! If we didn’t know where he was we weren’t worried as we knew he was in good hands with any of the church members!

Our minister Nancy and he husband Reg

sunday school picnic 2014 (68)

The pool was full of kids laughing and splashing!

sunday school picnic 2014 (72)

Sam visiting with Marion

sunday school picnic 2014 (75)

Overall, it was a great day! Years ago, my parents used to host the Sunday school picnic and now Ryan and I get to! It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

sunday school picnic 2014 (29)

How was your weekend?



  1. Thanks to you and Ryan hosting the picinic! It was a perfect day that the big and small kids will definately treasure! I absolutely love the group picture!!!

  2. great day...when did Sam change? must have been after I left!

  3. I miss those days! I remember Sunday School Picnics at your house. Rolly was my secret pal. Great memories!

  4. Thanks, Lindsay and Ryan, that was a fabulous Sunday School Picnic! We all really enjoyed ourselves SOOOO much. Sancia and Nena loved playing in the pool with Faith and Clark. We are so blessed with our church family. I loved that Sam was included in everything. Our children are growing up with church as a natural part of their activities. I am so proud to be part of this, and proud of our people living their faith, and passing it on.