Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Part Time Hippy


Happy Wednesday everyone! We got drenched yesterday with a monsoon of a rain! Our basement hasn’t had a problem with rain since before we re-did the basement! Every spring the basement walls have been able to handle all the snow melting. Yesterday Sam and I were at a wake most of the day and Ryan joined us later. When we got home last night just after 9 we decided to check the basement after a few other people reported problems on Facebook. Sure enough, water all over the basement floor! Too much rain!

I was thinking the other day on some of my ecological decisions of my past, I was no David Suzuki. I only started recycling because our municipality made us, I always left the water running while brushing my teeth and would throw out perfectly good pieces of paper! That has seemed to have a slight change though. Now I’m a breastfeeding, baby wearing, sometimes co-sleeping and clothing diapering Momma.

I knew that breastfeeding was the most recommended form of nutrition for a little one. My doctor and the hospital that I delivered at are huge advocates to breastfeeding. I said from day one, I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work out then I’m O.K with formula feeding my baby. Thankfully, it came pretty easy to Sam and I and now I am passionate about continuing on. My mind revolves around how to keep my supply up, how to pump and making sure he gets what he needs. It’s not “so much easier” then formula feeding! It takes work, patience, pain tolerance and a lot of trial and error. While I love breastfeeding I will not be one of those people who allow my 3-4 year old to latch on for a snack! I’m giving my boy till he’s a year old and then I’m closed for business!

I love my son but before him and I was one of the least cuddly things on the planet. As a kid myself, I hated to snuggle and be held! I would even always rather play with an infant then sit and hold a newborn. That all changed when Sam was born. I love the closeness that I feel when he is snuggled up on my chest. I love that when he is a cranky pants, getting him snuggle up to me will instantly sooth him. Truthfully, there are times where the only way I can get something done is if I am wearing him. I knew that people used a carrier when they were out and about! What I didn’t realize was how many people wore their kids even around the house so that their hands would be free! There is this whole movement on social media for “baby wearing”. This is a little embarrassing to admit but I’ve even managed to use the bathroom while having Sam attached to me. As gross as it is, the risk of waking him was far worse then the loss of my dignity.

baby wearing

See that face? That is the face of a Momma whos baby is going through a growth spurt and only wants to be held!

Co-sleeping is said to “spoil” a baby and has it’s own risks if not done right. I swore up and down that my baby would never sleep in bed with me! But getting screamed at by your newborn for 2 hours straight…sometimes you just have to give. You will do anything at some point for 15 minutes of sleep and if that means baby sleeping with you, then so be it! After it becomes a luxury instead of a necessity! Sam doesn’t need to sleep in bed with me but I still find that I love cuddling up to him. Sam will easily sleep in his crib, playpen and will even sooth himself but I still lay down with him at times in bed. He’s also my “headache” because no one is going to get freaky with a baby lying between you!


When I was about 7 months pregnant I got the genius idea that we should buy some cloth diapers. Ryan thought I was losing my mind but I was insistent and purchased some. Of course for the first month of Sam’s life they sat and collected dust. One day we were almost out of size 1 diapers and needed to run to the store (which takes 30 minutes to get there) and neither of us wanted to do so. Out of necessity I started using the cloth diapers that evening and haven’t looked back! I’m a part time clother because there is NO WAY I am waking my kid in the middle of the night just to change his wet diaper. There is also no way I am going to let a cloth diaper fester in the bottom of my diaper bag either when we are out. But when we are at home? You better bet that Sam has a fluffy bum! It’s too easy now because breastmilk poop is water soluble so literally all I do is stick em’ in the wash. It’s a lazy woman’s guide to cloth diapers. So while I could sit hear and preach to you all how I’m not filling up landfills with my share of dirty diapers, in truth I’m just cheap and I don’t want to take that hour out of my day to pick some up.


Before I had a baby I thought that I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and when I wanted to do it. You swear up and down that you aren’t going to be a certain way but when the baby comes that all gets thrown out the window! I never thought when I had a baby that the above things would become the norm for me. It’s easier to think about what kind of Mom you will be then execute that plan. In truth you need to figure out what works for you instead of trying to match up to the ideal in your head. While I wouldn’t fully throw myself into the “hippy” mom category, I am happy with the things that I do now and will probably continue to adjust as I learn more and more about the kind of Mom I am!

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. Dr MacLellan always told me you cannot spoil a baby until they are 6 months old! And co-sleeping, geez, I still sleep with Tanner every night and he's 2 and its because we have to get up at 5:30 and still be able to function, this way, everyone gets sleep! I'm okay with it!

  2. You do what's best for you and your baby. Only you know what's right. For three weeks I slept on the couch with John for most of the night because that's the only way he would sleep. It sucked because I so wanted my best, but he did like lying flat and I didn't want to be propped up so high. So the couch it was. It saved my mental state! Haha. And I'm jealous on the cloth diapers. I tried to get Alex to go for them and he said no way!

  3. I too tried to go into everything with an open mind. Personally, I am far too terrified to co-sleep and we were blessed with a good sleeper so I didn't mind getting up to feed her. If I was a stay at home mom, I think I would have attempted cloth diapers....maybe if we have another I will :)

  4. Washing the cloth diapers for Olivia was Reg's job :) You are a terrific parent, and figuring it all out, Lindsay.

  5. Wow I totally get the whole.. you think you have your plans figured out and they change thing! :) You're not alone!!