Monday, August 25, 2014

A Weekend Around The Farm


Happy Monday everyone!  Welcome to the last week of August! I know I mentioned it last week but WOW! Where did August go?

This weekend we spent a lot of time around home which was kind of nice. There are so many times that we are running here or there to go to summer activities. It was nice to be able to relax at home a bit.

Friday Sam went to get some grocery supplies for the week! First we stopped at the office and tried on Uncle Jared’s hat! Ha ha! It kind of makes me sad to see him in this hat because it makes it looks like a little boy versus a baby.

aug 25 2

The original plan for Friday night was to do our August date. Plans got pushed back as it was favourable weather for getting a field prepped for seeding. Instead of our date, Sam and I brought some ice-cold beverages out to the guys in the field. The work was being done in the field behind our home so it was a nice short walk! 

aug 25 3

Sam loved watching all the machinery go by! He kept smiling and squealing as things passed by us. At one point Ryan came out to get him to go on his lap for a pass! As soon as he closed the door Sam put his arm up on the open window. Such a little man already! ha ha! He stayed like that the whole drive which was a miracle. It was his “grumpy” time of day (right around bedtime) but he was too enthralled by the trucks to fuss. 

aug 25 4

Instead of doing our date when Ryan got in later that night, I made a homemade pizza and we watched Good Morning, Vietnam.

Saturday morning we puttered around the house before heading to the cottage of friends Amanda and Brandon. They had opened up their beautiful cottage for an fun afternoon by the water for friends. While our little guy is still to young to run around with all the other big kids, we chilled out which his friend Farley. I assured these boys that the coming years will look a lot different and they’ll be running out to the water in no time.

aug 25 5

After a delicious supper and dessert, we headed home to put Sam to bed and us as well!

Sunday morning we woke up and drove to the city to get some breakfast! After breakfast we puttered around the house, relaxed outside and had a family nap! Great way to spend a Sunday at home!

aug 25 6

After Sam went to bed, Ryan and I did our August date but more on that another time! Smile 

aug 25 1

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. I can't wait to see your August date night :)

  2. Oh my goodness, he looks so grown up in that first picture!