Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sam’s Favourite things!


Hey everyone one! It’s me, Sam!  I know that you all hear about me by my Mom! I figured it was best if I took over her blog today so that I could tell you about some of my favourite things right now.


- I have to start off with my friend Winnie. I throw heavy blankets off of me, teddy’s are fun to talk to but it’s my Winnie that I love to snuggle up to. I give him hugs, rub the soft blanket against my face and chew on his nose (he likes it, I swear).


Mom has started searching high and low for another one! I’m not sure why…I keep telling her he is my main man and no twin will replace it!

- My most recent favourite thing is hands! I’m not picky, they could be my hands or anyone else’s that I meet. I’m particularly found of knuckles!


- I am already practicing my future sport skills with this awesome ball! I actually gently borrowed one (ha!) from a friend one day! I loved it so much and didn’t want to hand it back over! Mom got me my own and it keeps me so entertained! I love that my fingers can fit in the holes! It gives me a good grip so that it gets lots of distance when I throw it! The little beads are just obviously memorizing!

- Besides my parents, there has been a constant in my life. He gives me comfort and company…It’s my sheepy!

Don’t let his dopey eyes fool you, Sheepy is quite the conversationalist! We talk all the time and when it’s time for bed, he blocks out all the outside noise for me! What a great guy!

- Wasn’t I surprised the first time Mom handed me this funny looking thing and it started moving in my mouth! In the early days when I was little, she had to hold it in my mouth for me! Now that I’m a big boy, I hold it myself! I love to bite down on those tasty banana’s and let them move away on my gums!

I’m a lucky guy and have some fun stuff to play with and those are just a few of my recent favourites! Everyday that changes and something else comes into my life. The best thing though? My people! I love conversation and the silly things these big people do that make me smile. I wonder if I’ll be as silly as them one day? Hopefully it’s not genetic! Smile 

Happy Wednesday!



  1. He does love his Winnie - he's like a dog chewing a toy when he attacks his nose - cutest thing ever!

  2. The Oball is the best, Jeanette loves her's. I had to get her one after the sitter told me that she was obsessed with the one at her house. She's also in love with Sophie the Giraffe.

  3. Sam loves to sing hymns at church, and makes Reverend Nancy smile. He also has a real shine for Nancy's sweetie Reg, and all his church family. We adore all our kids.