Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Weekend And Blessed Sunday!


Happy Monday everyone! If I was to describe our weekend in one word, it would be “wow”! The weekend was FULL of fun things but pretty much every moment of the weekend we were in “go” mode!

The weekend stared out for me and Sam on Friday! We took a trip to get party ingredients, including a special baptism cake for this little guy! Sam was in good spirits all day which made it easy for me to get lots of party prep done! We were having Sam’s baptism on Sunday at our church and had invited everyone back to our place afterwards for a celebration lunch!

aug 10 2

I have had my share of BBQ hot dog and hamburgers this year and thought it would be nice to serve something different! We loved the meal that we prepared for our May Date and decided it would be a yummy treat for our guests!

aug 10 1

Saturday Ryan was off for a round of golf for part of a bachelor party. So Sam and I got the rest of our stuff prepared for Sunday! Little man has having a bad teething day! I feel so bad for him when he screams in pain! Breaks my heart!

Later that afternoon we loaded up and headed to a lake side home of fellow Canada Day Committee Member for a little party! The Canada Day festivities in our hometown is funded through fundraisers that are organized solely by a group of volunteers! To celebrate another successful year we got together for a fun afternoon by the water!

We kept saying “Happy Canada Day” as our cheers! I think the neighbours thought we were nuts! ha ha!

aug 10 6

aug 10 7

aug 10 8

aug 10 9

It was starting to get late for our little man so we had to head home just as they were heading out for a sunset tour on the pontoon!

aug 10 10

It was to bed early and up early to finish preparations for Sam’s big day! It was a special service to celebrate Sam being formally welcomed into the church. It was a very hot day so the kiddos could use the pool and everyone could have a BBQ lunch with all the trimmings. But more on that another day! 

aug 10 5

The beautiful canvas signed by the congregation!

Sam had an awesome nap that afternoon and when he woke up it was still really warm out! We all put on our swim suits and decided to have an nice evening swim!

aug 10 3

After Sam went back to bed for the night, Ry and I grabbed some leftovers for supper and had a fire in our outdoor fireplace! It was nice to sit, relax and reflect on the wonderful day that we just had!

aug 10 4

How was your weekend?



  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend! Hope little man's teeth give him a break soon. We are going through the same over here. I just want that damn thing to finally come out so we can get back to normal! Haha

  2. the chicken was so yummy....i will def be making that!
    I see Sam is wearing Tanner's hat, looks like it fits the noggen good!

  3. I'm glad the baptism went well - so sorry I didn't make it. My feet and hands were extremely swollen and I was parked on the couch for a lot of the hot day :(

  4. It was SUCH a great weekend! And I was so happy to be there for Sam's big day yesterday. It was a perfect Sunday in my books - he was such a good little guy! Thank you for inviting all of us for lunch and a swim, we had a fantastic afternoon - and I think I'm STILL full from lunch! Yum!! ;)

  5. It was a real privilege to baptize Sam. Your hospitality was lovely, we all felt blessed to come to your and Ryan and Sam's home and be fed, and relax, and visit. Thanks.