Friday, August 15, 2014

I Love Bulk….Now


Happy Friday everyone! Sam and I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of us which, truth be told, I am looking forward to it. Sometimes there is something nice about quiet weekends where we can relax and just enjoy one another’s company!

Last weekend was the total opposite. Of course I enjoyed the special weekend but it was busy! One of things I did last weekend was getting food ready for the celebration lunch back at our place in honour of Sam’s baptism.

To purchase this food I decided to head to a store I never go to, Costco. Our closest Costco is about an hour away, but that’s not the reason I never go there. The truth is I get a little panicky in Costco. The anxiety stems from the usual crowds of people going all in the same direction. For that reason, I always avoid it! Except with an upcoming party, I knew that it would make sense if a lot of our food came from there.

Sam and I arrived early in the day so that the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. His car seat wouldn’t fit in the cart and I had forgotten my baby carrier at home. Sam moved up to “big boy” status that day by getting to sit in the cart! My diaper bag was a big distraction to him.


It had been a few years since I last stepped inside a Costco store. Maybe it was that I wasn’t paying attention to prices but I instantly had sticker shock! In a good way! I couldn’t believe how cheap certain items were. Being that Ryan and I are pretty budget conscious (aka: cheap), I watch the prices for groceries fairly closely so that I can always find the best deal. That means that I have a pretty good sense of what certain things cost in our cupboards. 

Example: At our a more local grocery store a pack of 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts is usually around $20. At Costco I bought a pack of 10 for $23! Now some people may think, “I really don’t need 10 chicken breasts”. But my preferred way of shopping right now is getting a LARGE order for the freezer and filling in every week with fresh ingredients.

A box of 60 granola bars for Ryan’s lunch? Less then $7!

These two small examples of the amazing savings I discovered last week. There are some easy distractions and items that aren’t much of a deal! But I have always been good at sticking closely to a list!

Did I get anxious there? Absolutely! But I guess I have to put on my big girl pants and get over that so that our dollar can go a longer way! I am already composing my 6 week large grocery list for a trip next week to stock up! Thankfully to help with my anxiety, Ryan is coming too! It’s all about baby steps! Smile 

Happy Friday!



  1. $20 for 4 chicken breasts?? That is soo expensive!! I am a sale shopper and price match where I can and I stock up our freezer when stuff goes on sale. So if chicken goes on for $8 for a 4 pack, I buy a bunch and then break them up into meal sizes before freezing! I find costco you have to know your prices because sometimes things are not a good deal! But yes, the granola bars are cheap and soo are the kids clothes!!

  2. I generally buy Costco chicken and freeze it as well. I rarely cook with fresh meat anyways, that would involve way too much planning!

  3. I realize more and more as I get older how anxious I get in stores, particularly ones that I "don't know" - good ol' Valumart keeps me calm, so I guess I'll have to keep paying $20 for 4 chicken breasts. ;)

  4. I love Costco but I refuse to go in alone because of the crowds. I get panicky too! But with the prices of their meat, you can't go wrong. I love their chicken breasts and their ground beef! Oh - if you have a chance, grab one of their fresh chicken pot pies - they are soooooooooooooo good!!!

  5. I was just shocked by your prices and then I remembered that you're in Canada so the prices are different! Haha. We have BJs which is like your Costco. It's just as insane but I use it for diapers, wipes, parties, etc. it saved me like $200 when I did our freezer meals.

  6. Oh, Lindsay, I feel your anxiety at COSTCO too. I wanted to run in and out,today, and mentioned that to Cara, who of course, then wanted to come along too. I am not a fan of crowds, or the parking lot. One of their employees ran up my heels with a shopping cart. He mumbled that he didn't see me. Cara told him he needs to maybe keep an eye out. He shouted at her that she is an ass! Can you imagine! I've had my shopping fill and then some. Glad to know Ryan will be your shopping buddy, as well as Sam next time.