Friday, August 22, 2014

Year of Dates 2014- July


Happy Friday everyone! Been a crazy week around here but the end is here! I am flabbergasted that it is the end of August. Where has this month gone? All summer I have felt like the season has gone at a reasonable pace! But August is the exception as I feel like it has flown by!

I realized this morning that I had yet to share what we did for our July date! It was my month to plan! 


july description

“Happy July Babe! I hope our summer as a family of 3 is going wonderful! I am hoping to still be able to enjoy some alone time with you and maybe we can take an hour this month and get away alone? If not, this date can be partially done with baby if need be!

Yard Sale Adventure: Let us each take $20 and hit up a couple of yard sale spots! Without the other person seeing, find a gift for the other person for less than the $20! Wrap the gift and after baby goes to sleep, enjoy a quick supper alone together and open each other’s present!”

Ryan and I were excited for this date this month and felt like it was attainable! With 20$ each on hand we hit the road in search of yard sales!

We were able to find a couple garage sales but didn’t see anything. We were able to stop at a larger one when the skies opened up and it started pouring rain! Eek! It didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon either!


As we were driving around looking for a garage sale that may be open still, we stopped at a local thrift store. We kind of looked at each other with a knowing glace and parked there! The selection was great and we knew that we would find something! Luckily, the store was big enough that we were able to successfully avoid each other.

When we got back out to the truck we presented our new treasures. I received a new button up shirt, a purse (which he said, “you won’t be carrying around a diaper bag forever babe”) and a Christmas themed candy dish. He was defending the candy dish saying that he thought I might like it because I love Christmas so much. It was actually my favourite gift of the 3.


I got Ryan two new golf shirts, his favourite magazine and a bag of golf balls!


One of the shirts Ryan particularly liked and wore it to our company golf tournament!


The original plan for our date was to do it alone but then Sam began having his “episodes” and we agreed we didn’t feel comfortable leaving him. Thankfully our little man is pretty easy going! He walked around with his Daddy during the shopping and sat and played during supper!


We decided on East Side Mario’s for a delicious supper!


July was altered a little but I would still consider it a success! Not only did we take the time to spend together but we also took the time to think about the other person and get them a little token! It was fun shopping for Ryan and picking out something I thought he might like!

Happy Friday!


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  1. What a terrific idea.......we could do that!