Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Together


Happy Tuesday! Although Quebec doesn’t normally celebrate the long weekend in August, our company does! I was so looking forward to having Ryan home for an extended time! Actually, I was looking forward to the weekend in general because we had no plans. All we had planned was that we were going to be together all weekend long! The rest just developed as the weekend passed by.

Friday started out by heading to the city of Ottawa to have a meet up with Mom’s that I have gotten to know because we all have baby’s born in April! It was neat to sit and chat with these ladies and compare stories!

aug 3 3

That evening Ryan and I had our typical “Movie Night In Beechgrove”! Chips and 21 Jump Street! It was a perfect evening and one of my most favourite of our family traditions!

aug 3 4

Saturday morning marked one year since I took my pregnancy test! It’s amazing that on that morning Sam was just a little poppy seed in my belly!

aug 3 7

To celebrate, I made pancakes for breakfast! I figured I should get practicing on my pancake shapes for the day when Sam eats with us! Mickey Mouse pancakes (yup, I’m dorky like that!).

aug 3 6

Sam is strong enough and usually awake now and so we usually put him at the table when we eat! He loves to watch and “talk” with us! Actually, lately he is a non-stop chatter box! I have no idea where he got that from…Winking smile 

aug 3 9

We got on our work clothes and started doing some work! Last year when we did the pool renovation, we said that we would fix up the gardens out there in 2014! Well, that was before we had a baby but we still needed to get the work done! Thankfully, Sam is very easy going and has allowed us to get the gardens all landscaped out in the pool area!

When we were dumping a load of weeds, Sam and I joined Ryan for the drive. Ryan was pretty excited because he foresees many trips on the side-by-side in years to come with his little buddy!

aug 3 2

aug 3

That late afternoon, we joined friends at the home of Luc and Lisa for a visit and supper! We got to sit in the beautiful sun, watch the kiddos play and enjoy a chicken fajita supper!

aug 3 8

The next morning we were up and headed to church for a nice service. We then headed to my parents for a quick BBQ hot dog lunch. The boys (Dad and Ryan) both ended up falling asleep on the couches so Mom, Sam and I headed to Quyon for Savour The Pontiac, a local event that has local artisans and businesses set up to display and sell their work. Our village library was also having a book sale and I got 4 books for Sam for $0.25!

Later we realized we had heard from Ryan’s parents who were camping. They had invited us to come up for a visit and supper! We had a great time visiting with them, feeding the chipmunks and eating a yummy BBQ steak supper!

aug 3 11

Monday morning we all had a lazy morning before getting to work on using up some left over mulch on the gardens around the house. It has been such a busy summer (as usual) but it was nice to clean up the landscaping around our home!

We had a yummy BBQ pizza supper and then friends Stacy and Ricky came over with their kiddos for a swim! Ryan had started a fire in our fireplace for the first time so that I could have a marshmallow! Ha ha! We had a nice visit with our friends and it was a nice way to end a fun weekend! 

aug 3 10

Usually Ryan and I go our separate ways when it comes to weekends. We are just so busy that at least one day we end up with our own plans. This weekend was an exception and we spent every single day together! While we didn’t have a ton of plans, things came about as the weekend passed. It ended up being a fun and family filled weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. I was happy that you's were able to come for supper on Sunday.. I can't wait until next year when Sam is 1 yr old and you's can come camping all weekend long and not just a visit. <3

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! I had a long weekend as well, I took Thursday and Friday off since we didn't have a sitter for Jeanette. We enjoyed our annual church festival, Jeanette and I did some shopping at the children's consignment store for some fall clothes for her and we cleaned the house. It was nice to have some time to relax and get caught up on things!

    I love how his hair sticks straight up! So adorable!

  3. That's awesome you guys got to spend so much time together! We only get Sundays so we are really enjoying spending that time together as a family!