Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God Bless Samuel


I have been thinking about Sam’s baptism before he was even born. It’s just one of those events  in your baby’s life that happens soon after they are born! The biggest challenge of the whole process was picking a date that suited all parties but when the date of August 10 came up, it was set!

A few things were important to me. One of the main ones was that Sam was baptized in the same church where I was christened and where Ryan and I were married. The other was that he wore the same christening gown that my brother and I wore! It was crotched by my mom over 31 years ago.


Our church family is so important to us as they have watched us grow from a young couple, married, pregnant and now with as a family of our own. Most of these people in the congregation have watched me grow up into the person I am today! We wanted to keep it small so only invited immediate family.

We had invited everyone back to our place afterwards for a casual lunch to continue the celebration! It was the perfect warm summer day and the kiddos got to use the pool while others hid in the shade in the garage! It was a great day! But I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Smile 

Samuel (8) 

Samuel (19)

Samuel (81)

Future Sunday schooler!

Samuel (102)

Samuel (107)

Samuel (113)

Samuel (156)

My brother and sister-in-law are Sam’s godparents

Samuel (168)

Banner I made with left over cardstock from our wedding.

Samuel (193)

Ice cream cake for dessert!

Samuel (219)

Happy boy enjoying his party!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. That last picture is so precious! I felt the same way about Jeanette being baptized and I am so happy that she was blessed in the same church where we got married.

  2. it was a great day and considering that gown was 30 years old, it was still very nice...and white!
    Love you Ham!

  3. Piper and Felicity wore the Chris' christening dress... it makes the day that much more special. I loved having Felicity baptised at our home, it was so personal and lovely!!

  4. Really enjoyed the day! Sam was a star! Grandpa Eugene captured some wonderful shots :)

  5. It was a wonderful milestone for our church family, the pictures are fantastic.