Friday, August 8, 2014

Samuel–4 Months


Written August 3, 2013



On Wednesday, July 16 he weighed in at 15.5 lbs, 25” long and with a head circumference of 43.5 (which is an off the charts for head measurement). 


There are two little outfits that are 0-3 months that Sam can wear but that’s only because they are are shorts and sleeveless! ha ha! Otherwise we are currently wearing 3-6 months mostly but a lot of them are getting too short and I am having trouble snapping the buttons. We have moved into some 6 month stuff. PJ’s in size 3-6 are just about at the end! Size 2 shoes.

We have been so lucky to barely had to buy anything for Sam so far! We have so many clothes that were gifted to us or passed to us from friends with little boys! Honestly, I know we won’t “have” to buy anything for him for his first year of his life. That doesn’t mean that if I am out and see something I don’t buy it. This Momma just can’t resist sometimes.



Our little guy was such a good sleeper until he hit 3 months then something happened. I started to doubt my milk supply because for 2 weeks Sam was getting up 2 times a night! For the whole 3rd month of his life he was getting up at least once. I guess that was the “3 month growth spurt”. Thankfully he has started giving us all night sleeps again for the last few days.

He ALWAYS sleeps his side! It seems to be the most favourite sleeping position and he can turn that way himself!


Still excited about the fact that we have made it 4 months breastfeeding! I can’t help but be proud about the fact that I have supplied Sam’s food with my body for 4 months, not one supplement! I am beginning to research baby eating for when he starts food at 6 months. Looking for any tips!

Sam is starting to have longer times between feedings. He now eats every 3-4 hours instead of every 2-3 hours. The extra hour is a nice added break. There has been a couple of time this month were I have had evening meetings and Ryan has looked after the feeding with some freezer supply. When I get home I pump and replace the one he took. I have yet to increase my freezer supply…I really need to get on that!


There are very few people who say that Sam looks like Ryan anymore (besides me). Most mention that they think he looks like me or my Dad. While I agree he has some features of my family, I think when he gets older and less “baby” looking, he’ll be looking like Ryan again.

There is no doubt that we have a beautiful brown eyed boy! I love that he has my eyes.

Little man has grown quite the hair this month! He never loss any of his hair after birth and the hair that he did have just keepings growing…straight up in the air! There is no curl and because the top of his hair is longer, it has become this perfect little mohawk! Every time I bathe him, I brush his hair down and it still sticks straight up! I’ve gotten to love it and don’t brush it down anymore! His hair is brown as well but sometimes looks like it has a reddish tinge.



Sam still loves being warm! Even on the hottest days, it doesn’t bother him too much!

This month has been a little more difficult because of the growth spurt. After a couple of weeks, we had our content happy baby again.

He has started to drool a lot so he likes to chew on anything!


I think we are beginning to like our baths and loves splashing in the pool.


Loves to be talked to and talk or “sing” along with you!

The days of just lying around are over! Sam is becoming very curious and likes to sit up and look around.

My little snuggle bun still loves to be nice and close when he is sleepy or not feeling well.




Getting his diaper changed or clothes changed.

Sleeping! This month we had a challenging sleeper. He has even started to hit and claw when he is fighting sleep.

Staying in his car seat too long. If we are driving he doesn’t mind but if we aren’t, we wants out!

Teeth. We are all not enjoying the teething process! ha ha!

Still not loving tummy time but he is getting so much better at it!


You’ve been so much stronger lately so on July 9 we put you in your excersaucer for the first time! You really liked it!


First time standing up with support on July 11.


It wasn’t a good thing but we took you to your first trip to the hospital on July 17. We had  your second the following day for an EEG. A piece of Mommy’s heart broke that day seeing you hooked up to wires.


Got your passport picture taken on July 18! That was a fun and interesting challenge!

First full out giggle/laugh on July 27!


On July 21, you really enjoyed your first time on the outdoor swing!


First company golf tournament on July 25.




I am officially a Mommy in every shape and form! Ha ha! Sam is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. I still adore being with my little guy at all times.

I am starting to learn to “let go” a little bit this month and letting Ryan step in and do some of the things that I use to do. It is so hard to not jump in and do it my way! But we all need for me to step back and let their relationship grow.

This month was hard on my emotions. After our scare and visit to the children’s hospital I think I grew 100 new grey hairs.

I have gotten myself into a nice routine. Every morning I get up around 4 AM. Seems crazy but in those 2 hours I am able to work out, slowly drink coffee, shower, get ready for the day and just have “me” time. Because I give myself those two hours of “me” time, I feel like I can donate 100% the rest of my day to being a wife, mother and whatever else I need to be that day. I started my Turbofire schedule and have committed myself to following the whole 12 week schedule. I am weighing in and doing my measurements. While I am kicking my butt in the working out department, I am still not cutting calories yet because I don’t want to risk my milk supply! I don’t mind carrying around the extra weight if it means I can continue breastfeeding Sam.



I have noticed that Ryan is much more comfortable in his role this month. He is less tentative about doing things with Sam. Ryan and Sam are getting their own routine started. They have their own games and things that they do just the two of them as father and son.

During Sam’s episodes this month, Ryan was my strength. He was direct, fully involved and never left our side. I know there are many women out there that do this parenting thing by themselves…my hats off to you.

There still isn’t a day that Ryan and I talk so that he can check in with Sam. He is always asking how he was that day, how he slept and etc. Ryan was very proud the first time he did the bedtime routine (including a pumped bottle) and Sam ended up sleeping through the night for the first time in 2 weeks! It is harder for me to step back but Ryan can do it just as well as I can!


I knew that Sam was a big boy but on a recent play day with other babies his age, you could really see his size! He was especially so long compared to the other cuties!


Mornings are beginning to become my favourite time of day! Every morning I get big smiles when I go get him in his crib!


I can see my little man’s personality developing more and more! He is a little chatterbox and loves to be heard! Sometimes he is so silly and knows it! I’ve caught him laughing at random times!

I feel like we are at the point where Sam changes a little bit every day! Whether it be his looks, capabilities or personality! Every day is a new adventure! 


My Dearest Sam,

I can’t believe you are already 4 months old! For some reason that seems so old! As I am writing this, you are sitting beside me talking to you animals and sucking on your thumb. I feel like you and I are totally in our groove right now. We are loving life together and you continue to grow and learn! I just love to watch you.

This last month was mostly fun but we had a scary moment! Let’s not have any more hospital visits ever again…k? (Ha!)

I have kind of gotten over the “sad Mommy” when I think about you getting bigger. For the most part I am excited to watch you develop and change every day! You may be only 4 months old but sometimes you can really make me laugh! You really do brighten my life.

Thank you for beginning to sleep through the night again! I promise a more rested Mommy makes a more fun and productive one during our day!

You are such an easy going little guy and I really do love just hanging out with you. I never have this huge need to get away from you for a break. I take some “me” time during your naps! You are my little buddy!

Thank you for being my boy!

I love you!







  1. Love him - and I love his hair!!

  2. Oh man, we had the same sleep problem. It was KILLING us. Thankfully it didn't last long! I can't believe the hair! It's too funny!

  3. I can't believe he's 4 months old!!! He's so adorable! As for feeding tips, we started with the rice cereal once a day in the evening and at 6 months started to introduce veggies. I've been making my own baby food.

  4. Such a cutie! Can't believe he is 4 months old already

  5. your such a cute little boy!!!!!!!!!!
    from your Great Aunt Shirley

  6. I adore everything about Sam, and yes, his hair is great. I made my own baby food, its so easy, and now you can buy organic. I froze it in ice cube trays, muffin tins for the twins, lol, and then transferred it to freezer bags. In comparison to the other babies Sam is quite tall!

  7. OMG, it's hard to believe he's already 4 months! He's a cutie and going to be a heart-breaker if he isn't already!